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Improvements to Data Accounts – Circuit ID (Telkom services) or Caller ID (Wireless services) from the active radius session

DataTill has added a few improvements to the Data Accounts menu.

A new column, Circuit ID (enabled under the Show/Hide Columns button) can now be displayed on the Data Accounts list view.


The Circuit ID for Telkom radius accounts will be auto collected from the active radius session. For other radius accounts the Caller ID or MAC address is collected and stored in this field.

The Cicuit ID (Telkom Services) or Caller ID (Wireless Services) will now display on the Active and Recently Closed Sessions widget for the customer.

The Cicuit ID (Telkom Services) or Caller ID (Wireless Services) will also display on the Data Accounts widget per customer.

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Introducing DataTill’s new System Dark Theme

DataTill has introduced a new Dark Theme throughout the entire system.

This can be enabled per user by navigating to the My Account settings option. There is now a User Theme option available to the admin user, under the Application Settings portion of the menu. `

Once enabled, this dark theme will appear on all DataTill menus, apart from the Customer portal.

Some screen comparisons below:





















List Screens:


















Helpdesk Tickets:

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Improvements to the Sage One Sync tool to fix errors.

When attempting to sync your Sage One data with DataTill, a few issues may arise due to the following scenarios:

  • A customer already exists in Sage One when trying to sync the customer from DataTill.
  • Syncing a customer with an invalid email address format.
  • Existing Sage One Integration ID is different to the DataTill Integration ID.
  • A very rare case, where the same Customer code exists as duplicates.

These issues will prevent the sync from taking place and an error message/log will be visible.

DataTill has now improved the Sage One Sync Queue, to include automatic fixes and proposed solutions for common errors.

In the example below, you will see records that were not sucessfully synced now have a new orange tool icon next to them.

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Support for LFTP Backups

DataTill has introduced the FTP backup setting to allow for the use of the external third party LFTP library.

When the user navigates to Setup >  System Settings > System Backups > under the FTP Settings | FTP Method, the user will now see the option “LFTP (Linux lftp client)” as an available option to choose from.

All mandatory fields below this option must be filled in correctly, to ensure successful backups.

With the release of 1.4.03 Hotfix 3, an Advanced Mode switch has been introduced as well. The Advanced Mode will allow the user to add additional flags/custom settings to the LFTP command. An example of this is when the destination FTP server requires SSL verification to be disabled for a connection to succeed.

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SMS Topup Message Intelligence

DataTill has introduced a new Artificial Intelligence feature to the Notification Setup.

Customers already had the ability to request Topups by responding to SMS notifications sent from DataTill. In most other instances, customers would often respond to SMS notifications relating to other items.

SMS Topups: How To Do Automatic Topups With SMS

Therefore, the SMS Topup Message Intelligence feature has been built in to work with the “Enable Customer Topups via SMS Reply” setting. The user can navigate to Setup > Notifications to find this menu.

Please remember to set up your helpdesk department settings here to make sure only the department and user you set up here will receive SMS topup helpdesk notification mails.

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Using Mikrotik devices for power monitoring.

A problem arises when not all highsites have power monitors installed. A solution to this problem would be to use the Mikrotik Router onsite that can supply battery voltage information, to monitor the site voltage.

The Mikrotik voltage reading is not 100% accurate, hence an offset value must be added (or subtracted) from the Mikrotik voltage reading to determine the actual voltage onsite.

A new tab called Voltage has been added to the  Network Devices menu/page. This tab is to accommodate a flag which indicates whether this router should be used for voltage monitoring, as well as the offset value to be used.

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New API Calls Added

A few new API calls have been added in release version: 1.4.03.

The “Test OAuth” section has been updated with a Goolge Playground example.

Go to Tools, API, API Guide or your_datatill_domain/api to see your API guide with all API calls.

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Choose To Block Or To Redirect Users On Suspension

You can choose to block or to redirect your data account users when they get suspended.

Suspension for non payment can be done by manually blocking a data account or by suspending the customer account.

How to suspend the customer account depends on whether or not the suspension approval process is activated.


To access suspend account blocking settings;

Go to Setup, then Radius Server, to access the radius server setup and scroll down to “Suspended Account Blocking”


Summary of the 3 options on how data account suspension blocking can get handled:

  • Address List – All suspended data accounts with fixed IP addresses will be assigned to a address list. Data accounts without a fixed IP address will be blocked by radius from authenticating.
    A firewall will need to be configured to redirect user in the suspended address list to a static page.
  • IP Pool – All suspended data accounts will be assigned an IP from an IP pool. This pool must exists either in Datatill or on the highsite NAS router. If a suspended data account have a fixed IP assigned this IP will be ignored when the account is suspended.
  • Radius Block – All suspended data accounts will be blocked by radius, so the account will not be able to obtain access to the network.

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Update On Clickatell SMS Gateway

Note that the Clickatell SMS gateway on DataTill requires you to have a normal account and not a developer account

DataTill’s Clickatell SMS gateway integration used to make use of an API sending method.

As Clickatell developed further we changed the SMS gateway integration to adapt to their new methods.
Clickatell now makes use of the new platform sending method, this is what we have adapted the integration to.

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Introduction To DataTill

After your DataTill has been set up and your system administrator has created an admin user for you and sent you your login details you can start watching the Youtube video to introduce you to how to start using DataTill.


Introduction to DataTill for new users: Youtube link Read more

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How To Get Your Google Maps API Key

Below is a step by step guide on how to get your Google Maps API key


Refer to the following blog about the Google Maps API that changed and how it affects your DataTill:


Webinar:  Google Maps API configuration


We have compiled a step by step guide for those of you that need to get your Google Maps API key for the first time.

Step 1: Go to and click on “Get Started”


Follow this link:

Then click on “Get started


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Google Maps API has been changed

Google has introduced new pricing for their Google Maps Platform.


Webinar:  Google Maps API configuration


This means you will need to add your own Google Maps Platform API key in your DataTill system setup to continue using Google Maps features on your DataTill system.

Without your own API Key you will not be able to use any Google Map functionality in DataTill.

(Please refer to the list of affected pages in DataTill at the end of this post)

Previously all Google Maps functionality went through DataTill Pty Ltd’s own account, but because of the price changes and new limits of the free usage tier, you will need your own Google Maps Platform API key.

You will get $200 in free usage for Maps, Routes, and Places every month from Google when you have your own Google Maps API key.


The Google Maps API Key field has been added and was introduced version 1.4.02 which was released on the 10/09/2018.

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Copy Helpdesk Ticket attachments to Customer profile

Attachments that are added to helpdesk tickets can be copied and saved to the customer profile by clicking the “copy” button on the attachment:

Once saved to the customer’s profile, the Ticket attachment is accessible via the “File from Helpdesk attachment” widget on the customer edit page.

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Realtime Usage added to Data Usage Graphs on Customer Portal

DataTill has added Realtime data traffic viewing to the customer portal.

Customers can view their Realtime usage graph on the Usage menu on their customer portal:


For admin users, the Realtime view button can now be seen at two places, on the data summary screen and a new full screen Realtime view page.

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Multiple Network Subnets

DataTill has added the ability to support multiple network subnets within a single IP pool.


When editing IP pools, the networks field now accepts multiple subnets, separated by a comma.

Validation happens on every subnet included, and the total network ranges detected are shown in the grey fields.

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Helpdesk Ticket Auto Close And Other Functionality

A few improvements have been added to the Helpdesk tickets for this release.


  • Added an “Admin Only Ticket” Banner to the top of the details list for admin only ticket.

admin only ticket banner


  • Added ticket auto close function. Tickets that you put on hold, now has the added option to auto close the ticket when the “on hold” has expired.

auto close on hold


  • Added the ability to add more than one admin user in a helpdesk ticket escalation notification.Helpdesk escalation notify mulitple


System details:

Default setting: These are the new default cosmetics and functionality

Setting type: New improved functionality.

URL: https://{ Your domain}/helpdesk/ticket/

Version 1.4.01

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Zapper Has Been Added As A Payment Gateway

You now have the option to enable Zapper as Payment Gateway within DataTill.


To enable using Zapper as a payment gateway:

Navigate to Setup > System Settings > Payment Gateways. Users will need to enable these options using the toggle buttons and by entering the required setup information.

zapper gateway settings


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Helpdesk Changes which Improve System Performance

Helpdesk Changes which Improve System Performance

Two changes have been introduced to the Helpdesk module which improve system performance:


  1. Disable Auto complete values on Ticket Edit Screens

DataTill ordinarily saves the previously entered values to a list to suggest as values for future Diagnosis / Resolutions. A new feature to disable this was introduced to speed up performance, as those lists can become very long and take time to load.

Setting Enabled:

Setting Disabled:

  1. Disable dropdown counters on Ticket View Screen

A new feature to disable this was introduced to speed up performance, as those counters take time to load.

Setting Enabled:

Setting Disabled:


Setting Default: Disabled

Setting type: Global Setting

URL: https://{Company name}.com/settings/helpdesk