Reports Guide

Reports Guide video:

Reports provide a comprehensive overview of essential information related to your DataTill system. This encompasses logs, summaries, sessions, graphs, dashboards, and statuses. They serve as valuable tools for accessing specific details within DataTill.

Traffic Log:

A traffic log is a record that captures and documents the activity and interactions happening within a network or system. It keeps track of data transmissions, connections, and actions made by users or devices. A traffic log is like a detailed diary that notes all the incoming and outgoing data, allowing administrators or users to monitor and analyze the flow of information within a network. This helps in troubleshooting issues, understanding usage patterns, and maintaining security and performance of the network.

Data Activity Summary:

This provides a clear monthly overview of radius data. It includes customer names, usernames, and online time, upload and download stats, and the first and last times they accessed. This is handy as it lets you see customer usage and their active times all together.

Data Product Summary:

Presented is a comprehensive summary of all the monthly data packages. This summary entails the product details, monthly allocation, actual usage, and associated monthly cost for each product, culminating in a comprehensive total.

Data Top-up Summary:

Data Top-up Summary will show you the Package, Monthly Cap, Monthly Usage, Top-up Date, Top-up Size, and the Cost.

Highsite Billing Summary:

High site billing is like charging for using a special spot that provides internet. This spot, called a highsite, lets people connect to the internet wirelessly. High site billing means keeping track of how much internet people use, and then charging them accordingly. It is like paying for the internet you use from that specific location. 

Payment Gateway Purchase Summary:

Payment Gateway Purchase Summary will show you all payments that have been made to all your different gateways like example: Zapper, SagePay, Payu etc. and also show the amount, IP address, Voucher, Payment Source etc.


Debtor Note History:

Here you can find a list of all your debtor notes that was made, you can see the user name, Group, Account code, Customer and also the debtor note that was made.


Monthly Data Account Summary:

Here you can find a summary of your data accounts like Accounts added, Accounts removed, Accounts Net change etc.

Please note: Accounts added are all data account with first usage in that month and monthly billing greater than zero. Accounts removed are Normal data accounts (excluding prepaid) which were marked as cancelled / expired in that month which have had at least 1 active session in the past and had a monthly cost on the data product.

Workflow Summary:

In the Workflow Summary you can see a full summary of all Leads, Job cards, Quotes, Site surveys, Customer care, Invoices etc. You can filter through the days or months or custom range to get a specific date that you want.

Helpdesk Summary:

In the helpdesk summary you can find a full summary of your ticket system, you can see all Ticket movement, Open Tickets by department, Open ticket by user and it also shows all the statistics from the tickets aswell.

Monthly Billing Summary:

Monthly Billing Summary shows you a full summary of your monthly billing run with all the statistics as well like dates, Recurring billing,  Non-recurring billing and the total amount as well.

Sale Statistics:

Here you can see all your sales statistics like Leads captured, Quotes generated and quotes accepted. You can also filter through the specific date that you want to see for any sales leads or quotes.

Operational Statistics:

Here you can see all your Operational statistics like Jobs completed, Jobs invoiced, and Jobs paid, you can also filter through the specific date that you want to see for any Jobs.

Billing statistics:

Here you can see all your Billing statistics like New Billing, Billing churn, New Invoices, New recurring customers, User churn, Users Rescued. You

Sales Lead Invoice Report:

The Sales Lead Invoice Report shows you the statistics of all sales lead invoices and also shows the different services like Wireless, Fibre, Lte. At the bottom of the page it shows all the Amounts as well. You can also filter through the specific date that you want to see.

Hotspot Summary Report:

This gives you a summary of all active and inactive hotspots from the specific dates and the different hotspot zones. The summary contains the Hotspot Zone, Last Access, Total Sessions, Unique Devices, Total Data Used, Total Time Used, Avg Data per Session, Avg Time per Session, Avg Sessions per Device, Avg Data per Device, Avg Time per Device.

Hotspot Sessions:

The Hotspot Sessions Report shows you a list of all sessions on the set date from all zones or the specific zone of your choosing. It will show you the Hotspot Zone, Last Seen, IP Address, Username, MAC, Device, OS, Hostname, Duration and Data. It is also a clever way of seeing which Sessions are active and inactive for each zone.

Hotspot Usage Graph:

Hotspot Usage Graphs shows you graphs of all you MikroTik hotspots set up. The graphs are made out of the amount of Hotspot Sessions showed in green and the amount of Data Usage shown in blue. The date can also be changed to see the total Hotspot Sessions and total Data Usage for a specific day or month.

Hotspot Usage Dashboard:

The Hotspot Usage Dashboard shows you a summary of the total active zones and which zone had the highest data usage and the most users. It also shows you the top month and the top day. It also shows you a graph of the top 5 manufacturers, top 5 device models, top 5 browsers, top 5 operating systems, top 5 hotspot zones, top 5 devices, and top device types. A daily and monthly graph is generated of the Data Usage and Hotspot Sessions

Marketing: Referrals:

Here you can find a list of all your referrals you can see the Referrer Name, Name, Email address, Potential Credit, Referral Status, Workflow status and paid out.

Discount Allocated:

Here you can see a list of all Referrers and also the discount amounts they got for the referral.

Power Status:

The Power Status page tells you the status of your Devices/Raspberry Pi’s and also a summary of the battery power. It tells you the Make, Serial No, Model, Firmware, Battery, Load, and the last time it was updated of the Power Sensor. This includes the Battery Monitor and Solar Charger. Graphs of each are made out to see a good view of usage.

Weather Status:

This gives you a summary of the weather at all the locations a Raspberry Pi is set up to as a Weather Station It gives a summary of Current Conditions and Historic Stats for the current month. It also gives a graph of the Outside Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Barometric Pressure and Windspeed of all weather station locations.