A few new API calls have been added in release version: 1.4.03.

The “Test OAuth” section has been updated with a Goolge Playground example.

Go to Tools, API, API Guide or your_datatill_domain/api to see your API guide with all API calls.


API calls added:

  • Customers section
    • Add a new customer
  • Data Accounts section
    • Add a new data account
    • Get completed topup details
  • Hotspot Vouchers section
    • Get available hotspot¬† list
    • Add a new hotspot voucher
    • Get hotspot voucher usage
    • Expire a hotspot voucher
  • Prepaid Data Accounts section
    • Get available prepaid products
    • Submit prepaid data allocation
  • Sales Leads section
    • Add a sales lead
    • Get a list of sales leads
  • Products section
    • Get available data products
    • Get available non data products
    • Add a data product
    • Add a non data product
    • Get Available Product Groups
    • Get Available Product Types
    • Get Available FUP Speed Limit Policies
    • Get Available FUP Speed Boost Policies

api v 104 new


Additional improvements to the API guide:

  • Test OAuth section now has a clear example on how to test
  • API error messages: Guide
  • Existing OAuth Tokens


Existing OAuth Tokens:

An easier way to get and add new access tokens has been added to the API guide at the “Configuration” section.

Go to the API guide, Configuration, Existing OAuth Tokens

Here you can see all clients and access tokens linked to the current logged in admin user.

This access token(s) can then be used to authenticate all API calls.

access token

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