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You now have the option to enable Zapper as Payment Gateway within DataTill.


To enable using Zapper as a payment gateway:

Navigate to Setup > System Settings > Payment Gateways. Users will need to enable these options using the toggle buttons and by entering the required setup information.

zapper gateway settings


Once these settings are enabled and setup correctly, users/customers can make payment for vouchers using these Payment Gateways.


Customers who make payment via the Customer Portal can now also make use of these Payment Gateways. When logged into the Customer Portal > under the Billing tab a list of invoices will display. Any overdue Invoices will have the blue Pay Now button.

When clicking on the blue Pay Now button customers will be redirected to the Payment Gateway URL where Zapper is listed as a payment option.


Zapper will redirect the user to a popup with a QR Code that can be scanned using the Zapper app.

purchase via zapper

After a successful payment, the invoice will get marked as paid on DataTill.

Please note that these payment gateways have also been added as walled garden entries.  It is each ISP’s responsibility to ensure that these walled garden entries get pushed to the hotspot routers.

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System details:

Default setting: disabled

Setting type: Payment gateway for hotpots, top-ups and invoices

URL: https://{ Your domain}/settings/payment

Version 1.4.01