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Using MikroTik devices for power monitoring:



A problem arises when not all highsites have power monitors installed. A solution to this problem would be to use the Mikrotik Router onsite that can supply battery voltage information, to monitor the site voltage.

The Mikrotik voltage reading is not 100% accurate, hence an offset value must be added (or subtracted) from the Mikrotik voltage reading to determine the actual voltage onsite.

A new tab called Voltage has been added to the  Network Devices menu/page. This tab is to accommodate a flag which indicates whether this router should be used for voltage monitoring, as well as the offset value to be used.

The Voltage column has been added as a hidden field on the Network Devices list view screen. To unhide the column, click on the Show/Hide Columns button and select the column to display.

The Power Monitor drill-down screen now shows stats for these Mikrotik based monitors.

Power Monitoring alerts are also triggered when these devices drop below or spike above minimum voltage levels. These alerts can be viewed under the Message Log tool.