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Tickets now have a “Reason” field, to indicate what caused the ticket to be raised. This will assist in helpdesk ticket reporting.

Please note that the diagnosis field is similar than the reason field, but the reason field is a more restricted field to improve reporting.

This feature is part of the v1.21.13 release.

Go to Workflow –> Helpdesk Ticket List and edit a ticket


There is a new setting available in the system that toggles whether this is a mandatory field or not. If the reason field is set to mandatory, a value must be supplied when a new ticket is created, or when an existing ticket is updated or re-assigned.

Go to Setup –> System Settings –> Helpdesk, to set this up.

The list of pre defined values are configurable under the Workflow, Helpdesk Setup menu.

This new field has also been added to the helpdesk ticket list screen, as a hidden column. A new filter has also been added to this screen to allow you to filter tickets by cause

A summary screen has been added where you will be able to see totals of tickets raised by cause, over a specific date range.

This screen also shows the affected highsite, and is available via the Workflow, Helpdesk Stats screen

Please introduce internal discipline and control to ensure this new field can be used for proper statistics and is not misused.

Care should be taken when new values are added to the predefined section list of reasons.