Automatic topups can be done by using the new SMS topups feature.

When a customer’s radius account is capped or an interim usage alert is sent to the customer, the following string is added to the end of the SMS:

reply with 1GB, 2GB, 5GB or 10GB to topup.

The user can reply with the size of the topup they want. Any size between 1 and 10 will be accepted, and the radius account will be auto topped up. The customer will receive a notification as normal. Any numbers in the SMS will be taken as the amount in GB the customer wants to be topped up with.

See example below of a user replying with “5GB” in a SMS topup:

SMS Topups

Any of these replies will result in a 1GB topup:

  • TOP UP
  • TOP-UP
  • Please topup
  • Please top up
  • Please top up. Thank-you
  • Please topup. Thank-you

When going to the message replies screen (/messages/replies) you will be able to see what size topup (if any) was applied to the incoming SMS replies. Look in the “Topup” field to see what was automatically applied.

See below an example of the message reply screen:

Message Replies

If the system cannot detect a topup request from an incoming SMS it will forward the SMS to the ticket system, where a helpdesk ticket will be created as before.

Note that SMS replies will only work with the following SMS gateways:

  • MyMobileAPI
  • SMSPortal

To enable this feature, go to Setup –> Notification

Turn “Enable customer Topups via SMS reply” on.

Restrict SMS topups to pre-defined list only:

If you want to limit topups customers can do to only topups of certain sizes,

Go to Setup –> Notification ; turn on switch for “Limit SMS Topups to  pre-defined list”.

Go to Radius –> Topup Types OR /products/topups to manage your topup sizes and costs.


Changing the usage SMS suffix:

Added in v1.21.16

Go to Setup –> Notification ; Turn on “Enable customer Topups via SMS Reply”, then you will be able to edit the SMS reply suffix.

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