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DataTill has added Realtime data traffic viewing to the customer portal.

Customers can view their Realtime usage graph on the Usage menu on their customer portal:


For admin users, the Realtime view button can now be seen at two places, on the data summary screen and a new full screen Realtime view page.

On the data summary screen of a data account:

data summary screen admin view

The Realtime view button has also been added to active radius sessions, which will open a new full screen Realtime view page:

Full screen Realtime usage page:

realtime full screen


If the user is performing a PPPoE dialup from a router behind the CPE then the session cannot be seen currently.

Realtime view is only available when PPPoE connections are done directly from the CPE to the NAS router, and API access is enabled from Datatill into the NAS router.