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Radius name change to Data (Big changes as a result of FUP).



The Radius menu option within DataTill has been given a makeover, with the recent addition of the FUP module.

Radius is now referred to as Data on the home page. The subsequent dropdown items to the Data menu have also been changed. Refer to the summary below for a list of menu item changes.

  • A new Fair Usage Policies menu item has been added to the Data dropdown list. This includes the sub menus Speed Limit Policies and Speed Boost Policies.   
  • The Data Packages menu option now appears as Data Products. Any previous instance where Data Package was referenced – is now renamed/referred to as Data Products. 


  • All Data Products are now listed under the Data menu, including LTE. In the screenshots below the user can now see LTE has it’s own setup.

  • The (Radius) User Accounts menu item has now been renamed to Data Accounts. Any previous instance where User Accounts was referenced- is now renamed/referred to as Data Accounts. 

  • The Radius Services menu item has been moved the Radius Setup sub menu (under the Data tab).
  • The NAS List menu item has also been moved to this location and has been renamed to Radius NAS List.
  • The Custom Radius Attributes menu item has also been moved to this location.
  • The Scan Unknown Radius NAS menu item has also been moved to this location.
  • The Radius Data Products menu item can also been found here (listed as Data Products on the main menu dropdown list).


  • A new menu dropdown has been added to the Data menu. This is the Radius Status menu item – the sub menus are Radius Server Status and Radius Server Log File. These 2 items previously displayed under the main menu dropdown list.


  • The Pricing Matrix menu item has been renamed to Product Pricing Matrix.
  • Topup Groups and Topup Types have been renamed to Radius Topup Groups and Radius Topup Types.
  • Package Changes have been renamed to Data Product Changes.