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DataTill has introduced a new tool to send out the password reset email link to multiple customers at once.

To enable this tool the user must navigate to Setup > System > Debugging > set the ‘Show Mass Password Reset Tool’ toggle button to Yes.

Thereafter,  the user will see the menu available when navigating to Tools > Mass Password Reset.

Once the menu loads the user can enter a list of Customer IDs seperated by commas and no spaces (1,2,3). Only Customer passwords can be reset using this tool.

The user can also select to deactivate the current passwords in use by the customer. 

Once the user clicks on the Reset Password(s) button they will receive the confirmation pop up. After clicking on Confirm, the user will then see a summary of the results.

The customer will then receive the following email with a link that will direct them to the password reset page highlighted in the screenshots below.