Webinar:  Google Maps API configuration


Enable Google Places autocomplete on addresses on your system for faster and more accurate address searches on your DataTill system.

You will need to add a Google Places API key for this address search function to work.



Google Maps is compulsory to use with DataTill,

Google Maps Places is an optional product and can be switched off on your DataTill setup.

Refer to the following blog about the Google Maps API that changed and how it affects your DataTill: https://www.datatill.com/google-maps-api-has-been-changed/


Default “Submit a Sales Lead” screen:

The default address fields does not have an address search field included as you need the Google Places API key to search, but these address fields and maps still uses Google Maps.

normal address


“Submit a Sales Lead” screen with a Google Places “Address Search” field:

When you activate Google Places on your system, you will have another field to help you search for addresses.

This Address Search field is the same as what you are used to from Google Maps. It has the search while you type functionality.

address search

The selected search result will then populate the other address fields when you click on “Show on Map”

address search result


Go to System Setup to enable this address search feature:

system setup google places


Pricing for Google Places API Web Service:



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