Choose to block to redirect users on suspension:



You can choose to block or to redirect your data account users when they get suspended.

Suspension for non-payment can be done by manually blocking a data account or by suspending the customer account.

How to suspend the customer account depends on whether or not the suspension approval process is activated.


To access suspend account blocking settings;

Go to Setup, then Radius Server, to access the radius server setup and scroll down to “Suspended Account Blocking”


Summary of the 3 options on how data account suspension blocking can get handled:

  • Address List – All suspended data accounts with fixed IP addresses will be assigned to an address list. Data accounts without a fixed IP address will be blocked by radius from authenticating.
    A firewall will need to be configured to redirect user in the suspended address list to a static page.
  • IP Pool – All suspended data accounts will be assigned an IP from an IP pool. This pool must exist either in DataTill or on the highsite NAS router. If a suspended data account has a fixed IP assigned this IP will be ignored when the account is suspended.
  • Radius Block – All suspended data accounts will be blocked by radius, so the account will not be able to obtain access to the network.

Address List mode:

You can set up an address list to where to redirect data accounts to once suspended.

suspension address listSimilar functionality is available for capped data account with fixed IP addresses to redirect users to a page once capped. This page needs to be set up on the device itself.
A firewall will need to be configured to redirect user in the suspended/capped address list to a static page.


IP Pool mode:

Radius Block mode:

The radius block mode will set the radius authentication value to redirect. This will cause the data account to not be able to access the network.

Suspending a customer or data account will then automatically block the suspended data account(s)  and authentication will get rejected until the account is unsuspended/ unblocked.

block radius account

Check if a data account has a fixed IP by looking at the data account block on the customer edit screen or edit data account screen.


Please also note the IP address priority sequence below:

  • A Fixed IP will override a Normal IP pool
  • Suspension overrides the Fixed IP and the Normal IP pool
  • A Capped pool will override a Fixed IP
  • Suspension pool will override A Capped IP pool
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