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In version v1.21.09, a few changes has been made to the default ticket list view of the helpdesk. See blog: Changes To Helpdesk Ticket Default List View

With these changes all users will see unassigned tickets (tickets not owned and not assigned to anyone) as well, otherwise no one will ever see those tickets. Filter by your own helpdesk department to see only unassigned tickets in your department.

After these changes a need came to add an unassigned filter to the ticket list too.

In version 1.21.18 a new filter has been added on the helpdesk ticket list screen to include or exclude unassigned tickets.

To see the helpdesk ticket list view, go to Workflow, Helpdesk Ticket List

Tickets can be filtered with the unassigned tickets filter. The unassigned tickets filter has the following options:

  • All – No filtering applied
  • Assigned – Shows only assigned tickets, (owned tickets have no effect)
  • Include All Unassigned – This will include all unassigned and not owned tickets in the list
  • Include Unassigned In User Departments – This will include all unassigned and not owned tickets in the departments the selected user is part of

Note on filter remembering:

  • The system will remember the last value this filter was set to the next time the user goes to this screen.

Notes on “Unassigned In My Departments”:

  • The unassigned filter works in conjunction with the user filter when using the ‘unassigned in my department’ filter.
  • The ‘Unassigned tickets department’ filter only includes unassigned tickets of departments that the selected user is linked.
    • Go to Workflow, Helpdesk Setup, Helpdesk Departments, edit departments and see which users is in which departments.