Service periods on invoices is now available when “Split Invoice PDF” is enabled.

  1. Go To Billing –> Billing Setup –> Inv & Credit Note Setup
  2.  Scroll down to invoice settings and enable “Split Invoice PDF”

split invoice setting

3. Go To Billing –> Billing Setup –> Billing Setup


service period highlighted


4. Choose how your service period should be linked to your billing period.

  • 1 Month After Billing Period
  • 2 Months After Billing Period
  • Same Month As Billing Period
  • 1 Month Before Billing Period

service period options



5. Once the invoice has been generated as a final invoice, then the service period will show on the invoice PDF:

service period on invoice


See more on recurring and non recurring products on invoices:


Service periods are only for recurring billing. This means that you can still make invoices manually that will not show the service period on them.

Invoices generated from Job Cards in the Lead to Receipt Workflow will show the service period as the same month as the install date.

The install date is the date that the install was scheduled for on the Job Card.


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