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How to add labels to list views



Labels can be added to the following list views to make it easier to filter or search for records:

    • Billing
    • Customers
    • Devices
    • Feature Requests
    • Helpdesk Tickets
    • Radius Users

Labels for list views has been added in version 1.21.10.

Add or edit labels

To add or edit labels, Go To Tools –> Labels

labels list

Click on ‘Add Label’¬† or edit an existing one:

edit label

The ‘Label Type’ field is list view where the label can be used.

‘Label Name’ is the display name.

‘Label Color’ can be any color chosen with the color picker.

‘Enabled’ field is to enable the label for use.


Filter by label on helpdesk ticket list view

Go to Workflow –> Helpdesk Ticket List

Now you can filter tickets by labels by selecting one or more labels in the labels filter field.

filter by label

Add or edit labels on helpdesk tickets by editing the ticket properties on a ticket:

ticket properties edit labels