SMS Topup Intelligence Training



This post is an expansion of the SMS Topup Message Intelligence

on how to manage the training of the SMS topup message intelligence .


Disclaimer: only proceed with adding or changing training keys if you are familiar with regular expressions or wildcards.


When clicking on the Manage Training button, a pop up will display where the user can insert or edit the Training Key.


The user updating the training will need to update a Keyword or Phrase, assign a weight for the Keyword or Phrase and add samples. By clicking on the Show/Hide Help button, the user will see a full breakdown of how to setup these fields correctly.

These are predefined and have been setup for the user already. It is not recommended to edit these without fully understanding the functionality.


Example of when these training keys may need to get updated: On the last key, with the words “not”, “cancel”, “don’t”, there may be a word that needs to be added that customers use when they need help and not a topup. Such as the company may send an sms to the customer: “Reply yes if you need us to call you back.”

Then add the phrase “\byes” to the same key list that has the words “\bnot” too.


How it was trained and tested ; where we got the predefined training keys

1. Set up training key(s) to generate the correct scores for SMS message replies, based on the character pattern in the message reply http://your-instance/settings/notification
2. Rebuild knowledge base
3. Rebuild scores on SMS message replies http://your-instance/messages/replies
4. Go through the scores to see that all the SMS message replies that should be matched to get a topup has a positive score. Take note of the pattern in the message reply for the message replies that was incorrectly matched
5. Test a real reply message to see which trained keys it matches and if the score is correct. Positive score above 0 will send the message on to the topup functionality, score below 0 will create a helpdesk ticket
Real reply message test: http://your-instance/testing/test_smsscore/Please%20top%20up%20our%20account%20with%202GB%20Thank%20you
6. If the score it not correct, matching not correct, start from 1 again