This guide will explain the month end processing screen, especially the billing settings at the top of the Month-End Processing screen.

To find your Month-End Processing screen, go to Billing –> Month-End Processing.

Your billing settings needs to be correct before you can continue to complete your billing run with the month end processing action buttons.

month end processing action buttons

Month-End Processing’s Billing Settings Explained:

If you can’t see the 9 pages in the PDF viewer below, you can view the PDF here: Month-End Processing Settings Explained PDF

Month End Processing Screen Example


Billing period reset request:

If you have done your month end processing incorrectly/ ahead of time and want the DataTill team to reset a billing period so that you can do it again, please contact DataTill support, so that a reset can be arranged. A billing period reset will not affect invoices already pushed to Sage One.

For support queries please contact us at, or our support desk on +27 44 813 5002