Detailed Hardware Requirements:


If VM / Hyper-V: Dedicate a minimum of 4 Cores or more & (30% reserved)
If Standalone: High Clocked i5 or i7

Memory: 24 GB Recommended
If VM / Hyper-V – STATIC not Dynamic

Storage: Dedicated 2x 256 GB SSD RAID1
If VM / Hyper-V – Fixed Size VHDX, and space not shared with other VM’s
RAID: Hardware RAID Prefered

If you’re using an LSI RAID Card, here is specific settings for maximum performance:

Write Policy: Write-Through
Read Policy: No Read Ahead
IO Policy: Direct-IO
Disk Cache Policy: Enabled

We suggest that the server be able to withstand at least 2 hours of no electricity so please ensure it has an UPS.


Please carefully consider the information below:

DataTill can get disk I/O hungry due to logging and RRD Graph generation.

For VM / Hyper-V System:

* Do not share RAID Space for other VM Virtual Disks – (Reduces IOPS / Shares IOPS and creates IO Waits)
* Do not use Dynamic Virtual Disks for DataTill VM – (Reduces IOPS / Guest and Host relay for space)

Reasons for bigger drive:
Due to use of RRD’s (if enabled) the directory “/var/www/html/datatill/application/views/graphs/rrd” will likely grow to around 60-100GB+ depending on the size of voucher database and users that get logged.

Same goes for the MySQL, that can grow exponentially with use of NetFlow.

RRD could be placed on a platter drive, but the resulting IO waits will likely eat CPU cycles.

Recommend Drive Config

Either 256GB / 512GB
We recommend dedicating 2x SSDs in RAID1 solely to the VM instead of platter drives especially due to high IO demand in both READ and WRITE.

Single SSD is not recommended due to risk of failure but can be used given backup control is done..

For best deployment, it is recommended to separate system into three partitions (standalone) or 3 fixed size virtual disks VHDX (VM / Hyper-V)
SDA – OS (Purely for OS that will not change much)
SDB – MYSQL (/var/lib/mysql)
SDC – VAR (Entire VAR Folder)

Make sure to format in “4k Sector Size” on Both OS and VM
Mounting all drives with: “nodiratime, noatime, async” and setting Scheduler to NOOP

Best Drive Layouts:

256 GB Drive Layout = 230 GB Formatted
SDA – OS 30 GB
SDC – VAR 120 GB

512 GB Drive Layout = 460 GB Formatted
SDA – OS 60 GB
SDC – VAR 200 GB