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How to: Quickly enable rollover for all customers

Step 1: Create a new category with the correct settings

  • Navigate to the Customer menu -> Categories


  • Create a new Category ie “Auto Rollover Unused Data”
  • Enable “use for customers”, “Auto Rollover Unused Monthly Data”, and “Auto Rollover Unused Topups”

Step 2: Export your Customer Account Codes

  • Navigate to Customers -> List customers

  • Show hide the correct column “Account codes”
  • Show “all” Rows
  • Export to CSV

  • Open the exported list in Excel

Step 3: Manipulate the Data in Excel

  • In cell B2 (next to your first Account Code) Type the following:  =A2   then press enter.

This will result in the same account code displaying next to one another.

  • Directly below in cell B3, type the following:  =B2&”,”&A3   then press enter.

  • Hover your cursor over the bottom right corner of cell B3, when a cross (+) appears, double-click to apply the formula to the entire column.

  • Scroll to the last row of data. Select the cell in the B column containing all the account codes, separated with a comma and copy the contents of the cell.

Step 4: Apply the Category to all your customers

  • Open the add to customer’s button of newly created category.
  • Paste the values which you just copied into the text field, and select “add to customers”.

  • The category will now be applied to all customers