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This maintenance release contains and introduces the following improvements:


● Customer receipts have been optimised to ensure that age analysis reports are always up to date.

● Added a timer to the Sage One API to omit an error where unique document numbers were being duplicated.

● Multiple files can now be uploaded to the Helpdesk.

We have also fixed the following bugs:


● Fixed an issue where suspension categories weren’t filtering correctly in the background.

● Customer data accounts set to suspension –> disabled will now unsuspend at midnight.

● Fixed an issue where the SageOne API returns false positive results when tested.

● Fixed an issue on the credit notes page where the status displayed incorrectly.

Hotfix 1


New Feature

2 buttons have been added to the Debit Batch Details screen so that entries can be ordered by  

  • Debit Amount Total Due or  
  • Debit order Amount Balance.  


It can be done individually, or for all your entries, and you can change it back any time.


This button orders changes the entry to reflect the Total Amount due




This button orders changes the entry to reflect the Balance due.



Great stuff! Now it is easier for you manage or change the ordering of your entries.

Improvements in this maintenance release:

2 buttons added to the debit batch details screen so that entries can be ordered by Debit Amount Total Due or Debit Order Amount Balance. This can be done to individual entries, as well as batch entries.

● Changed the default filter on debtors matching transaction loading screen to show ‘Outstanding Invoices Only’ to make large files lists easier to load.

● Added code in the backend to check that when a customer transaction is done, it doesn’t already exist in the background, as to avoid duplicates.

Bug Fixes

● Fixed an issue where invoice pdfs were being regenerated after being deleted off the system.

● Fixed an issue on the Debtors Matching Transactions Page where users could match a receipt multiple times

● Fixed icons disappearing on the local UI guide

● Fixed code in the back-end to support user account names containing ‘spaces’ to avoid connection and duplication issues