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Release: 2.0.5

August 11th, 2020

This maintenance release contains and introduces the following improvements:



  • Improved DataTill usability on mobile phones.
  • Improved the naming convention for Auto Topup Rollover.
  • Improved API response on call to get active radius session list.

A number of fields were added to the ‘active_sessions’ response, giving you a greater insight into the active radius sessions.

  • Added three new columns to helpdesk; ‘Closed By’, ‘Closed Date’, and ‘Updated Date/Time’.


  • Fixed an issue where vouchers would expire prematurely.

The expiry date for new hotspot products is now specified in days.


And when creating a new hotspot voucher, you can specify exactly when it will expire.

  • Fixed an issue where special characters would break emails in the helpdesk.
  • Fixed an issue where recurring products could not be selected in the recurring billing window.



  • Added Triton Media (NG) as new SMS gateway.