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LTE –  Coverage Map

New Feature

  • Integration to the Cell C Fixed LTE Coverage Map has been introduced to provide customers and agents earlier clarity on whether the service can provided. Read more here.




  • The Import Products tool and the Import Customer <-> Radius Links tool are now enabled for use again. A previous system update had caused these to stop functioning correctly, which has now been resolved.




  • Fixed the issue with notifications of cancellations going to incorrect customers. This only affected direct cancellations of data accounts and not customer level cancellations.


Sales Workflow – Quotes


  • There was an issue identified in which quote statuses were incorrectly getting updated to “Ed” in certain scenarios. The problem was two-fold in that that firstly the database query applied was returning incorrect records and secondly the customer response mode (reject /accept) was not pulling through to the updated status. The result of the fix is that the correct quotes will now be updated with the relevant value of “Rejected” or “Accepted” and existing affected quote statuses have been corrected.


Hotfix 1


  • Hardened the function that receives redirect Payment Gateway data.
  • Fixed the Phone Usage Graph and Call Log on the customer portal to display data correctly.