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The following improvements have been included in this maintenance release:



  • Added the ability to consider Soft-Cap Data Packages for Roll-Over when the setting enabled.
  • Fixed an issue preventing accounts created in the previous month from being included in rollover calculations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the incorrect label that intermittently displayed for Hard/Soft Cap on “Total Usage List”.
  • Fixed the Print button on the Monthly Data Product Summary to open on a new tab when clicked, and launches the printer confirmation box.



  • Added the ability to view the report for Unknown Devices on the network, when Netflow is enabled.
  • Click here to read the blog.


  • Added a new tab to set a Highsite Owner per Highsite.
  • The user is able to select the Highsite owner from the Customer list or enter free text, if the customer does not exist.
  • The Highsite owners will also display on the Highsite list view. The user can select to show or hide the column on the list view.



  • Added a separate setting under the Billing Setup to enable the download of the New SagePay Format for debit batches.
  • Once this setting has been enabled, when generating the debit batch the user will have to option to download the new format.
  • Note, the user can have the setting enabled for the Sage Pay old debit batch download format along with the new setting.
  • Adjusted the Payment Gateway Purchase Summary report to enable users to filter by Payment Source.
  • This is also included on the list view. The user can select to show or hide this column.
  • Adjusted the Total Discount field to appear above the Total Inclusive field for Quotes, Job Cards, Invoices and Credit Notes.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated statements settings to enable auto sending of statements for customers with zero and credit balances.


Bug Fixes

  • Added the ability for users to filter by Billing Group and Payment Method on the Suspensions workflow. These have also been added as columns to the list view, which can be hidden.
  • Adjusted the Suspension Status Dates to update according to actual dates when Suspension is temporarily paused and unpaused.
  • When the user selects to unpause a suspended customer, the Suspension Status Date gets immediatley updated now with the current date. When viewing the customer profile the banner will now state “Suspension has been temporarily paused.”



Bug Fixes

  • Improved the way the system saves new and existing accounts that get set as Master and Reseller accounts.


Bug Fixes

  • Improved the Send Message functionality on the customer list view to prevent sending SMSes with html.


Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the Auto Close and On Hold functionality on helpdesk tickets. When the customer responds or user activity is noted then the ticket will be taken off hold and auto close.


Bug Fixes

  • Added a separate permission relating to Job Card functionality. When view and modify are enabled, the user will have full access to create and manage job cards.


And other various cosmetic improvements, and performance enhancements.