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  • Added a lead source column to the Sales Workflow list views for Quotes and Invoices (New and active). The user is now able to select the Lead Source option under the Show/Hide Columns button to display each source per lead.


  • Added lead source column to Sales Statistics for Quotes generated and Quotes accepted.




  • Added custom disconnection ports (PoD) for NAS. If the port is not specified, it will default to 1700.
  • If a different port is specified, then this port will be used in the PoD and CoA requests being sent.




  • Added the ability to view a graph of the hourly data usage per product. This report can be located by clicking on Reports > Hourly Data Usage Summary.

Bug fix

  • Updated the Monthly Data Account Summary report to reflect the churn data correctly.

● Fixed the visual issue where some data accounts would display duplicates.
● Fixed the visual issue where the incorrect label may have been applied to some radius accounts.



Bug fix

  • Updated LTE API pull for data package accounts information.


  • Added Off-peak usage to the Data summary display for customers




  • Improved the commission list screen to be able to bulk update paid commissions.

As well other various minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements, such as improving filters and validations.

Maintenance Release



  • Added auto rollover settings to Data Products

Blog on how to set it up: https://www.datatill.com/icasa-setting-up-data-rollover-using-data-products/

  • Improved Customer Category auto rollover settings

Blog on how to set it up: ICASA: Setting up Data Rollover using Customer Categories

  • Added Data Expiry settings to edit products and edit categories.
  • Added the ability to transfer data between prepaid users. See the blog for more details ICASA: Prepaid Data Transfers

Refer to the ICASA blog (https://www.datatill.com/icasa-regulations-governing-data-usage) for more information on how to implement the following:

  • Usage notifications
  • Rollover of data
  • Transfer of data
  • Out-of-bundle billing
  • Radius


    • Fixed and prevented the issue where some radius accounts may have displayed as duplicates.

    As well as various improvements to performance and security.