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System – Dark Theme  

New Feature

  • DataTill has introduced a new dark theme throughout the entire system (apart from the Customer Portal), which can be enabled per user.
  • Users may switch between the dark and light theme at any point.
  • Please refer to the full blog here.

Dark Theme




Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the billing issue where system generated recurring invoices that belong to the previous billing period can now be pushed to Sage One in the current period – the system will recognise it and allow recurring invoices to still be generated and pushed for the current billing period

Customer Portal  

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where Admin only tickets will not be included in the Helpdesk Ticket counter/ total for the customer, when logging into the portal.
  • Fixed the issue where the Helpdesk Ticket counter/total did not refresh for customers who previously has zero tickets open. Added a new filter option to include/exclude viewing of closed Helpdesk Tickets.




  • Added the ability to automatically collect the Circuit ID (Telkom services) or Caller ID (Wireless services) from the active radius session. This is stored per Data Accounts. Read the full blog here.
  • Fixed issue where an error appeared if the Radius Interim Update Interval is set to 30 mins or higher. This setting is found under the Radius Settings menu and refers to the interval to wait before sending radius accounting update packets. The higher the value, the fewer updates to real-time usage information. This value must always be less than the value for Wireless Session Auto Disconnect Timeout above.




  • Added the ability for users to set the default Sales Lead filter as either ascending or descending. This will apply to all the Sales Workflow quick filters.


Various minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements.

Hotfix 1 & 2


  • Fixed the Sage One sync issue for customers who have multiple email addresses. The sync will now process emails according to shortest in length first, up to and including 90 characters in total.
  • Various minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements.
  • Added a menu page to easily export certain data tables into a CSV file.
  • Changed the dark theme global switch to be under the System Settings menu.
  • Added the ability to add hotspotvoucher numbers in the following API call /add_hotspot_voucher 
  • Added non Mikrotik devices to the Downtime Monitoring and Text Outage Reports.
  • Added an “advertising” banner banner on the customer portal.
  • Added a quick change switch to the task bar to change themes on fly.