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Please note release 1.4.02 is a routine maintenance release, which mostly covers bug fixes and cosmetics.

Fair Usage Policy & Radius  


  • Fixed Soft Cap 100% usage issue where some notifications were not being generated.
  • Fixed usage notifications issue where some were being generated as blanks.
  • Fixed the setting on Data Accounts to authenticate according to the setting chosen for the Radius Account.
  • Fixed IP Accounting Data Accounts that were ignoring the burst settings defined on the Data Products.
  • Added validation to Radius usernames to no longer allow invalid characters, such as ; ” ; , $ % & *.
  • Fixed the issue where the colon was incorrectly stripped when adding the MAC Address on Data Accounts.


  • Added the ability to define when Mikrotik bursts settings will be applied during a policy.

Mailbox Scraper  


  • Fixed error which may have briefly displayed when saving or updating a mailbox – even though the mailbox was successfully created/updated.

Company Documents  


  • Fixed issue where files uploaded were not saving correctly. Once the file has been uploaded, the document name also gets auto updated.

Social Media Logins 


  • Added validation to the Social Media Login menu – all required fields must now be filled in when saving a particular login.



  • Added validation to the System Setup menu for Google Maps and Places API Keys – all required fields must now be filled in when saving these fields. Please see the important blog here
  • Fixed the Audit Trail functionality, all changes on new and existing Default Tax Rates are correctly recorded now.
  • Added correct validation for the Clickatell SMS Gateway and SMSS Gateway



  • Fixed Vodacom Auto import issue where previous imports did not display the RateCard and Trunks on the call log.

Cosmetics in general

  • Various Cosmetic improvements were made, including spelling and alignment.

Hotfix 1



  • Fixed an issue where stale connections were either not being disconnected or where a new active session for the same radius username were disconnected via the mikrotik API instead. This issue only occurred where the concurrent session value was set very low.
  • Fixed issue where when searching on the sub account widget of a disabled reseller sometimes gave an error.