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● Added a media rich text editor to allow email messages sent to customers to be formatted.

custom message rich text
● Added ability to notify a reseller when one of their customers gets suspended.

receive sub account notification

● Added a search box to the Sub Account widget on the Customer Edit screen to search for sub accounts.

sub account search
● Moved the menu item for Notification Templates from the Device Menu to Tools -> Messages.

● Fixed Refer-a-Friend issue where a billing document could be saved if there was no data product on the document.

refer a friend only for data products
● Fixed Refer-a-Friend error where discount already allocated could be edited in the Referrer Discount Allocated report.


Payment Gateways

New Feature
● Added Zapper as a Payment Gateway

Blog link: https://www.datatill.com/zapper-payment-gateway/




New Feature
● Added support for multiple network subnets within a single IP pool.
● Separated the radius timeout for Wireless & Openserve connections.

● Added additional burst fields to the data product accounts.

Additional burst fields have been added to the data product account. These fields are visible when the “Queue Burst Enabled” switch is flipped.
Note that burst parameters will only take effect whilst the user’s data account is not soft capped and no FUP packages are in effect.

● Added switch to disable notifications for prepaid usage to determine whether data allocation notifications should be sent to a prepaid customer.
● Fixed issue where some prepaid account balances were prevented from being correctly adjusted after new bundles have been applied.

Blog link: https://www.datatill.com/multiple-network-subnets/


Fair Usage Policy

● Fixed issue where the Radius Status tool tip on the Data Accounts and Customer Data Usage Page was displaying the incorrect upload speeds and download speeds.



New Feature
● Added the ability to automatically send statements to customers on the selected day every month based on settings on their customer group.

auto send statements to customer group
● Added ability to change the payment method of an invoice where the invoice is marked as unpaid, overdue, or partially paid (This cannot be done if an invoice is marked as “paid”).

This is done by an admin user on the invoice page, or the age analysis widget on the customer edit screen.

● Added the functionality to display the “Origin Reference” to the Invoicing menu/list view.

Origin reference will appear when the origin of the recurring billing was from a sub account and “bill all to master account” was on on the master account.

bill all to master account origin

● Added Sub-Account name on master account/ reseller invoices.

origin on invoice
● Changed the wording from “Are you sure” to “Would you like to proceed” on the confirmation popup when cloning an invoice.

would you like to proceed
● Fixed issue where the filtering by selecting certain days on the Debit Run Batches page was not filtering the list.



New Feature
● Added the ability to add more than one admin user in a helpdesk ticket escalation notification.
● Added ticket auto close function.

Added ability to copy attachments from a helpdesk ticket to a customer’s profile. (Widget on edit customer screen.)
● Added an “Admin Only Ticket” Banner to the top of the details list for admin only ticket.

● Admin only tickets will only allow admin only notes.

Blog link: https://www.datatill.com/helpdesk-ticket-auto-close/



● Fixed issue where the network device station lists was prevented from being scanned.



New Feature
● Added the ability to view a breakdown of fields changed within an audit event on the Audit Trail page.


● Added a new notification for failed backups

failed and successful backups
● Added validation to ensure that all Refer-a-friend settings are enabled to use the module.
● Added multi filters to workflow screens.
● Fixed issue where Numbers longer than 11 digits could not be entered in the mobile number field on Hotspot registration.


Customer Portal/ Mobile App

New Feature
● Added the ability to view Realtime usage in the customer portal and mobile app.

● Added a feature to mark all messages as read in the mobile app.

Blog links:







New Features
● Added a quantity field when adding or editing a Recurring Billing Entry in the Recurring Billing Widget on the Customer Edit Page.

quantity on recurring billing entry 2 quantity on recurring billing entry
● Added an indicator on customer profile if an account to show when the account has been shaped/ soft/hard capped.

hard capped

● Changed the wording from “bill all to master account” to “Bill All Recurring Billing Entries To Master Account” when editing a master account.

● Changed the wording from “Data Contracts ” to “Rental Contracts” under Sales Settings, and Customer Edit Page.

rental contracts

rental contracts definitions
● Removed auto top-up when user gets switched to uncapped.



● Changed the colours of buttons to match the standard. Refresh buttons are green and add buttons are blue.
● Changed the colours of buttons to match the standard. Edit buttons are blue.
● Changed the colours of buttons to match the standard. Clone buttons are teal.
● Renamed Sub Accounts to Sub-Accounts.
● Fixed alignment on Billing menu.



Bug Fixes
● Fixed Issue where if certain information is omitted from a job card, the corresponding ticket would not be created.
● Fixed issue where the due date shown in the table on the Invoice page was incorrect.
● Fixed issue where customers can overwrite the document comment field on quote acceptance.
● Removed redundant methods of assigning sales leads sales settings
● Fixed issue where requesting a LTE Topup does not forward a customer to a payment page
● Fixed issue where the edit customer button per row is not populating with ID of the customer, on the Messages Log page.
● Fixed issue where adding a Circuit Provider caused a validation error
● Fixed issue where certain Job Cards get stuck on hold as the “previous state” field gets overridden.


1.4.01 Hotfixes

Hotfix 1


  • Fixed issue for Soft Capped customers – they will now be assigned to the correct Capped pool. They will be allocated the correct IP once they reach their limit.
  • Updated the validation for customer and admin users in DataTill. These usernames can no longer be created with spaces.
  • Fixed Helpdesk Escalation Rules – they will only escalate according to the rule set and to (multiple)users chosen for the notification. It is important to note that Helpdesk Escalation Rules will only apply to tickets created from version 1.4.01 onwards.The functionality als o only runs during business hours at present.
  • Improved SQL for hotspot_session performance.
  • Added the ability to use special characters on Device Login (passwords).
  • Fixed the Real-time usage graph icon to launch correctly from the Active Data Sessions widget.
  • Added status buttons and tooltips to the Cron page, that are colour co-ordinated according to each status.
  • Added the ability to mention/tag an admin user in a comment on a Helpdesk ticket, when the setting is enabled (per admin user).

Hotfix 2


  • Fixed radius sessions for Prepaid users. When a bundle expires, all active sessions for that user (including Sub-Accounts) are now marked as closed. This will ensure that there are no long sessions that span across bundles anymore.
  • Fixed Previous Data Session popup – the correct username listed on the widget will now display on the popup as well.
  • Updated the Customer Merge functionality to include smart switches to determine which data can be kept or removed, between the 2 customers to be merged.

Hotfix 3


  • Fixed issue for admin users within DataTill, they can now add topups – regardless if the Allow End User Topups setting is enabled/disabled.
  • Added a new setting to allow voucher regeneration for failed Payfast hotspot vouchers.
  • Added a button to Clear Old Connections under the Devices > Wireless Connections menu.

Hotfix 4


  • Fixed speed and performance issues experienced when manually and auto importing VoIP files.
  • Updated Age Analysis sync cron job to begin with newest customers instead of oldest. This will allow the cron to complete more efficiently within it’s set time window.
  •  Fixed Customer widgets that were displaying with duplicate border lines.
  • Fixed debug information that was incorrectly displayed on the Helpdesk Setup menu.
  • Fixed Notifications for Soft and Hard Capped users – an email and SMS will be sent out when 100% usage has been reached.

Hotfix 5


  • Added a new setting to ignore shceduled package changes in the current month’s billing run. This setting is disabled by default – meaning that scheduled package changes will not be ignored, but rather included in the current month’s billing run.
  • Fixed the issue where the Old Data Package column was not populating correctly on Data Package Changes
  • Improved the Database Tools menu to reduce the menu height to fit on smaller screens.
  • Fixed the page load issue for Lead Search to display all records (on page load).