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New Feature  

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

DataTill has now adopted the Fair Usage Policy on the system. The FUP concept was introduced to make sure that for those customers who are heavy users – don’t fill up the available bandwidth. This is to prevent making the overall experience bad for other users on the same network.

With the introduction of FUP, DataTill is able to handle speed and data limits in 3 different ways:

  • The Traditional Way – See guidelink here for more information.
  • FUP Speed Limiting – See guidelink here for more information.
  • FUP Speed Boosts – See guidelink here for more information.

It is important to note that all FUP limits are defined on the Data Product level, and applies to all Data Accounts linked to that product.

The official DataTill FUP guide can be found here (same link as above). Check out the DataTill FUP webinar by clicking on the YouTube icon below.

Big changes as a result of FUP.

Radius name change to Data.

The Radius menu within DataTill has now been renamed to Data.

Read the full blog here to see what other changes have been made to the Data menu within DataTill.

Bug Fixes  

  • The Days filter for the Debit Batch Details report has been fixed. The report will now filter according to the days selected.

  • A button has been added to the Customer Details menu under the Billing Widget – to request verification for customers who have the Default Pay Method set as Credit Card. An email is then sent to the customer to verify their credit card details.