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New Features  

  • Users can now attach the following file types on Helpdesk Tickets: Excel, Word, zip files, AAC audio files and txt file types.
  • When a user gives a 4 or 5 star rating for the first time, they will be directed to the Refer a Friend pop up. Read more on how to set up this feature here.

  • Users can now search for a Radius User Account by the email address.

  • Added support for custom Mikrotik API port number

  • Added auto archiving of messages sent to customers after 30 days. See the blog here


  • When scrolling left or right on the Lead to Receipts menu the header remains static.
    • For users that are using smaller computer monitors, scrolling from left to right on the Sales Workflow will now be an easier process. In the past, when scrolling from left to right (and vice versa) the headers on the top right would move as well, thus cutting off some informationFunctionality has now been added to ensure that these fields remain static as you scroll from left to right on the screen.
  • Customer Group Suspension settings will now pull through to its linked customers.
  • The functionality to suspend a Customer Account from the Billing tab (when editing a customer) has been consolidated. This functionality has been improved to be set either on a Customer Grouping level or a Global System Level. Refer to the diagram below and see the blog here.

  • Online Applications have been removed from the Sales menu option.
    • The Online Applications option has been removed from the Sales Menu. This was due to minimal user usage. To restore this option you can simply type in “/applications/” to your DataTill link, when you wish to view this menu.Example – https://test.datatill.com/applications/


  • Bug Fix – Users can now successfully create a mailbox scraping rule from the Mailbox Processing Logic menu.
  • Bug Fix – Validation has now been added for existing users with invalid contact numbers (on Customer and Sales Lead menu).