The software may only be used under a valid software license agreement which authorises the Licensee to use the Software, for the purpose of enhancing and assisting its internal business structure, subject to its utilisation being compliant with the Software Documentation provided.

A Licensee, operating under a valid license agreement, acknowledges that the license limits the use to installing, utilising, accessing and/or displaying a single copy of the Software per single server utilised by it in it business operations, such as a Linux host or other similar device (“Host Computer”). A Licensee further acknowledges and undertakes to ensure that a single Software license shall not be utilised by more than one Host Computer at any given time.

A Licensee is permitted to only use the Software at the Designated Location/s as defined in the license hereof.

A Licensee undertakes not to permit an unauthorised third party (excluding individuals operating within its business who have been informed of and consent to the terms hereof) to use or make any duplications of the Software provided. In furtherance hereof, the Licensee undertakes not to sub-license or transfer the Software, in any additional manner, to another and acknowledges that it has no right, in terms of this Agreement, to do so.

A Licensee acknowledges that it is permitted to make a copy of the Software for back-up and/or archival purposes only and acknowledges that, should it be found guilty of copying the Software for any alternative purpose, it will be in breach of the licence agreement and liable for any contractual relief available to the Licensor in terms hereof.

A Licensee furthermore undertakes not to modify, decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse-engineer the Software, or attempt to do so, where such decompiling is not permitted by law.

A Licensee undertakes to permit a Licensor access to the Designated Location, or other relevant premises as the case may be, upon reasonable notice being given to it by the Licensor, in order for the latter to audit the Licensee’s compliance with the provisions of this Agreement.

A Licensee undertakes to ensure its own compliance with the relevant Regulatory bodies of the country in which it operates. The Licensor will not be liable for the Licensee’s failure to adhere to the regulations of the industry in which it operates.