1.21.11 (Released 2018-01-15)
  • Added two factor authentication. Blog: Added Two Factor Authentication
  • Added labels to customers. Blog: How To Add Labels To List Views
  • Added quick support request submission page
  • Added feature request submission page
  • Added ticket on hold functionality
  • Added ability to configure outbound smtp settings from the settings menu

1.21.10 (Released 2018-01-04)

1.21.09 (Released 2017-12-08)

  • Added Helpdesk Ticket follower feature. Blog: How To Follow Helpdesk Tickets
  • Added customer suspension & expiry improvements. Guide: Account Suspensions
  • Added initial reseller functionality
  • Various refer a friend improvements
  • Added ability to export customer locations as part of highsite KMZ file
  • Various sales lead improvements. Guide: Lead to Receipt: Sales Leads
  • Fixed a bug causing duplicate radius usage entries to show in usage view screen
  • Various bug fixes

1.21.08 (Released 2017-11-27)

  • Added Master & Sub customer account relationships
  • Added checklists to site surveys
  • Added site survey jobcards
  • Added better detection of mysqldump errors during backup process
  • Various bug fixes

1.21.07 (Released 2017-10-31)

  • Added ability to define custom invoice & quote messages per product
  • Added ownership flag to asset register items
  • Fixed a bug sometimes preventing IP Pools with no realm from allocation IPs. Guide: DataTill IP Pools Guide
  • Fixed customer select on location screen when customer titles contains non html friendly characters
  • Fixed duration calculation on active session widget
  • Fixed network map not loading if no gateway device found
  • Improved network device sector station display

1.21.06 (Released 2017-10-23)

  • Added ability to define IP pools per router (static & auto), and to then select these on radius user accounts
  • Added ability to generate quick quotes directly from the edit customer screen
  • Added radius linking to data contracts & show contract expiry dates on customer & radius expiry settings
  • Added ability to clone admin user accounts
  • Various IP accounting improvements. Guide: IP Accounting Guide
  • Fixed LTE balance & topup display summary
  • Fixed issue when not all accounts were included on the customer transaction statement

1.21.05 (Released 2017-10-16)

1.21.04 (Released 2017-10-12)

  • Added support for LTE Sim Only & B315 Router options
  • Added a switch to enable or disable auto topup settings in the customer portal. Blog: How To Enable Auto Topups On A Radius Account
  • Improved background notification cron to split processing of mail, sms & slack messages into separate background queues
  • Various IP Accounting improvements. Guide: IP Accounting Guide
  • Various device monitoring improvements
  • Workflow bug fixes

1.21.03 (Released 2017-10-09)

  • Added support for Ligowave, Toughswitch & other SNMP devices
  • Various device monitoring improvements
  • Various bug fixes

1.21.02 (Released 2017-10-04)

  • Added function to scan and alert on ubiquity radio & toughswitch interface changes, plus device reboots
  • Added fleet incident management feature
  • Various sales lead improvements & bug fixes

1.21.01 (Released 2017-09-25)

  • Added function to scan and alert on Mikrotik interface changes

1.21.00 (Released 2017-09-18)

  • Added initial support for IP Accounting traffic logging. Guide: IP Accounting Guide
  • Added old email image removal to the maintenance cron job

1.20.13 (Released 2017-09-11)

  • Added new help menu for user guides. Blog: New Help Menu For User Guides
  • Added support for zero rated data contracts
  • Added support for SFTP mode FTP backups. Blog: Support For SFTP Backups Added
  • Fixed a bug on the monthly auto allocation of prepaid data
  • Fixed minor issue on debit batch screen

1.20.12 (Released 2017-09-07)

1.20.11 (Released 2017-08-28)

  • Added ability to maintain and select notification templates when sending network notifications. Blog: Notification Templates For Bulk Messages
  • Fixed an issue where radius attributes do not always show on radius user edit screen
  • Fixed an issue where duplicated customer portal login username checks could result in false positives

1.20.10 (Released 2017-08-25)

  • Added LTE resubmit button
  • Added LTE order status screen details
  • Added additional filters on various finance screens
  • Summary text outages screen improvements
  • Various workflow improvements

1.20.09 (Released 2017-08-21)

  • Custom sent messages now shows under customer’s edit screen
  • Add calendar events to jobcard created manually
  • Various workflow improvements
  • Additional logo now shows correctly on statements

1.20.08 (Released 2017-08-17)

  • Added support for circuits
  • Added additional filters on finance screens
  • Add ability to clear old Mikrotik NAS Entries
  • Various workflow improvements
  • Various ip pool improvements
  • VCS payment gateway improvements

1.20.07 (Released 2017-08-01)

1.20.06 (Released 2017-07-22)

  • Added an API call to retrieve customer ratings
  • Added device and ip authorization functions
  • Added ability to rate service on individual helpdesk tickets

1.20.05 (Released 2017-07-18)

  • Expanded customer merge function to accommodate additional tables
  • Fixed micro instruments power monitor sometimes showing false discharge reading
  • GPS location now editable on sales leads
  • Various workflow improvements

1.20.04 (Released 2017-07-13)

  • Various LTE improvements
  • Various workflow improvements
  • Power monitoring improvement to exclude invalid voltage readings

1.20.03 (Released 2017-07-10)

  • Added ability to purchase LTE topups via Credit Cards
  • Fixed permission issue requiring radius_write permission to access read only list
  • Various workflow improvements

1.20.02 (Released 2017-07-06)

  • Added confirmation prompts on footer buttons
  • Fixed bug where topups between billing period end and month end are not always included in auto generated invoices
  • Fixed bug where data package add button broken
  • Various workflow issues resolved

1.20.01 (Released 2017-07-04)

  • Added a switch to helpdesk departments to mark their visibility to customers
  • Added online indicator in footer
  • Check online access before sending notifications, else re-queue notifications
  • Re-queue SMS notifications if SMSPortal balance is depleted
  • Fixed broken link inside SMS reply notifications
  • Various workflow improvements

1.20.00 (Released 2017-07-02)

  • Added support for RAIN LTE services
  • Added a check four outbound http access before sending notifications
  • Various workflow improvements

1.19.05 (Released 2017-06-27)

1.19.04 (Released 2017-06-22)

  • Added additional fields and filters to the radius user list screen
  • Added a new Marketing, Sales Manager & Sales Lead Assigner permissions for future use. Blog: User Permissions Added For Lead To Receipt Workflow
  • Added new plain kmz export option to highsite map
  • Changed the data topup selector to only allow custom topups and complimentary topups for admin users with helpdesk supervisor permissions
  • Improved power monitor alerts
  • Fixed a issue causing some Telkom Openserver radius sessions to not disconnect at month end
  • Fixed a broken link in the email sent to customers when requesting their account details be updated
  • Added audit trail tab to sales leads
  • Various workflow improvements

1.19.03 (Released 2017-06-15)

1.19.02 (Released 2017-06-13)

  • Various power monitor display, performance & alerting improvements

1.19.01 (Released 2017-06-11)

  • Added device monitoring summary screen for easy sharing
  • Added support micro instruments Network Power Monitor TCPIP V/A meter

1.19.00 (Released 2017-06-07)

  • Added ability for customers to submit service ratings
  • Added service ratings widget to customer edit screen

1.18.17 (Released 2017-06-05)

  • SageOne Statement sync improvements. Blog: Sage One Syncing Times Update
  • Added ability for configured users to bypass SageOne ageing sync time limitations
  • Improved SageOne sync to force refresh statements when stale

1.18.16 (Released 2017-05-30)

  • Added statement_date filter to age analysis screen, and the sending of selected statements only
  • Fixed a power monitor issue
  • Fixed a sms topup bug
  • Various workflow improvements

1.18.15 (Released 2017-05-29)

  • Introduced checklists to jobcards and tickets
  • Added gallery functionality to image previews
  • Added customer update requests to the workflow menu
  • Fixed a bug not forcing a radius reconnect on SMS topups
  • Fixed a bug allowing non topup sms messages to create excessive auto topups. SMS auto topups are now limited to 50GB in size. Blog: SMS Topups: How To Do Automatic Topups With SMS
  • Fixed a cosmetic display issue on web page footer margin
  • Split internal and external speedtests into two separate background jobs
  • Various workflow improvements

1.18.14 (Released 2017-05-24)

  • Added ability to import Internet Solutions VOIP billing call logs. Blog: VOIP Usage Imports For Billing Purposes
  • Added a setting for last finalized financial period to limit excessive SageOne receipt API calls
  • Added ability to upload pictures to highsites
  • Fixed a bug on csv based radius account imports
  • Various workflow improvements

1.18.13 (Released 2017-05-22)

  • Added ability to send credit card based invoice payment requests via email
  • Fixed an issue where power monitoring sensors were not always re-detected once deleted
  • Fixed a billing background job performance issue
  • Further SageOne API restrictions
  • Various workflow improvements

1.18.12 (Released 2017-05-20)

  • Added support for VCS payment gateway on hotspot voucher and prepaid data purchase
  • Limited SageOne API calls to Ageing and Statement pulls to night time only (on request from SageOne)
  • Fixed a bug where verified credit card expiry dates were set to beginning of month instead of end of the month
  • Fixed a bug where hotspot voucher time limits were not always applied correctly
  • Fixed a bug where invoices created via jobcards may not push to SageOne without prior syncing
  • Improved email template cosmetics
  • Various workflow improvements

1.18.11 (Released 2017-05-18)

  • Added a switch to enable or disable session timeout radius attribute value
  • Added support for .eml & .msg attachments on helpdesk tickets
  • Fixed an issue that could cause extra sales lead capture notifications
  • Workflow improvements

1.18.10 (Released 2017-05-17)

  • Added jobcard widget to customer edit screen
  • Added SageOne API statistics summary views
  • Improved SageOne API sync
  • Various workflow improvements

1.18.09 (Released 2017-05-15)

  • Introduced company departments, line managers and org chart
  • Added ability to show support contact info on individual hotspots, including custom templates
  • Added ability to export highsite map to KMZ
  • Fixed a bug where sales lead emails were not always originating from the correct sending email address
  • Improved hotspot loading appearance
  • Various workflow improvements

1.18.08 (Released 2017-05-12)

  • Added ability to add a prefix to the product code when syncing it to SageOne
  • Fixed an issue where products and customers would not reliably sync to sageone in realtime
  • General performance improvements

1.18.07 (Released 2017-05-11)

  • Fixed a issue that could prevent radius accounts from switching back to the full speed once topped up
  • Fixed an issue on bulk NAS user notifications
  • Fixed url links to jobcards and sales leads from within tickets and emails
  • Various workflow improvements & bug fixes

1.18.06 (Released 2017-05-09)

  • Added vodacom csv file voip call log import feature
  • Improved customer statement pdf generation
  • Various sales workflow improvements

1.18.05 (Released 2017-05-02)

  • Added ability to force logout all users to update essential browser files on re-login
  • Excluded mikrotik login accounts from radius auto disconnect functions

1.18.04 (Released 2017-05-02)

  • Optimized radius select dropdown to use ajax partial fetch method
  • Improved the appearance of in-browser notifications
  • Added out of date javascript file detection
  • Various workflow improvements

1.18.03 (Released 2017-04-29)

  • Various workflow improvements
  • SageOne AgeAnalysis API improvements
  • Force disconnect and re-connect a user’s radius session on manual data topup
  • Improved customer’s ability to update their account and billing info in their customer portal and added new widgets for these change requests into the customer edit screen

1.18.02 (Released 2017-04-25)

1.18.01 (Released 2017-04-24)

  • Added ability to send account update email requests to customers
  • Added widget to display quotes on customer edit screen
  • Various workflow related improvements and bug fixes

1.18.00 (Released 2017-04-19)

  • Introduced Lead to receipt workflow
  • Improved credit card verification process

1.17.07 (Released 2017-04-10)

  • Encrypted network device passwords
  • Added new permissions to view or modify network device passwords
  • Added ability to do bulk password updates, both in DataTill and on mikrotik devices
  • Added ability to scan all mikrotik devices to record current login accounts
  • Various minor bug fixes

1.17.06 (Released 2017-04-08)

  • Added ability for customers to update their auto topup settings on the customer portal. Blog: How To Enable Auto Topups On A Radius Account
  • Improved radius session disconnect functionality
  • Fixed a few auto topup bugs
  • Fixed the NAS filter on active radius session view

1.17.05 (Released 2017-04-04)

1.17.04 (Released 2017-04-03)

  • Added device password management & password history
  • Added company registration number to customer edit plus finance documents

1.17.03 (Released 2017-03-30)

  • Added Ubiquiti UniFi Controller version 5 compatibility
  • Added ability to delete topups done in the current month, prior to invoicing
  • Fixed issue where some mails with blank header values do not auto generate tickets

1.17.02 (Released 2017-03-29)

  • Improved prepaid radius accounting, including showing of previous prepaid usage bundle graphs
  • Added filter to exclude expired and disabled customers from Customer list screen
  • Added a switch under hotspot settings to enable or disable prepaid customer device linking
  • Added ability to view and undelete deleted invoices & credit notes

1.17.01 (Released 2017-03-28)

  • Added a switch under radius settings to either generate mikrotik queue speeds as words or numbers
  • Added date filters to Audit, Messages and Email processing logs

1.17.00 (Released 2017-03-27)

  • Internal API changes

1.16.27 (Released 2017-03-26)

  • Added ability to link devices to prepaid accounts
  • Added ability to add auto topup settings per radius user account

1.16.26 (Released 2017-03-17)

  • Added client device authentication
  • Added scan status to device list
  • Fixed a bug ensuring all radius accounts are now expired when a customer account is expired

1.16.25 (Released 2017-03-13)

  • Fixed version and model up on mikrotik device scans

1.16.24 (Released 2017-03-06)

  • Improved OS system update command execution
  • Increased invoice qty field to allow two decimals
  • Fixed bug preventing customer un-deletion when contact info was missing

1.16.23 (Released 2017-03-03)

  • Added document clone function to invoices ,credit notes, adjustments & write offs
  • Added debug switch to log sms api calls

1.16.22 (Released 2017-02-28)

  • Added monthly cost and highsite to customer total usage screen
  • Added custom snmp community support
  • Added netflow dns auto lookup & sync
  • Various notification type improvements
  • Various bug fixes

1.16.21 (Released 2017-02-27)

  • Added support for LibreNMS
  • Added notification types to customer contacts

1.16.20 (Released 2017-02-17)

  • Further improved netflow logger
  • Added domain search to customer dropdown search

1.16.19 (Released 2017-02-14)

  • Added functions to completely remove deleted radius users, voip numbers or customers
  • Fixed issue where remaining usage would only show on certain packages
  • Improved netflow logger to use multi threading
  • Improved usage notification emails
  • Various other bug fixes

1.16.18 (Released 2017-02-06)

  • Added PortaBilling VOIP Usage import wizard. Blog: VOIP Usage Imports For Billing Purposes
  • Prevent users from updating already open invoices when pushed to SageOne by someone else
  • Improved general ledger transaction import feature
  • Fixed a bug where deleted customers may receive usage notifications

1.16.17 (Released 2017-02-04)

  • Added customer transaction report to edit customer screen
  • Added general legder transaction export function

1.16.16 (Released 2017-02-02)

  • Added ability to import voip call usage to use with monthly billing and to show on customer portal
  • Added predictive text lookahead on calendar event title
  • Minor bug fixes on data usage notifications

1.16.15 (Released 2017-01-30)

  • Added sales lead submission via email & public website
  • Added admin account change verifications
  • Added negative balance filter to bulk statement email function
  • Fixed Google social media account login issue
  • Numerous sales leads improvements, including dedicated notifications

1.16.14 (Released 2017-01-26)

  • Added more table trimming to the maintenance routine
  • Added the ability to do auto over-usage topups when doing normal topups
  • Added ability to add additional reseller image on specific invoices, via customer categories
  • Added better undelivered mail detection
  • Improved performance for the billing background job

1.16.13 (Released 2017-01-17)

  • Added asset register widget to customer edit screen
  • Added maintenance routine to only keep last 50 config exports per device
  • Added ability to modify Free Trial user radius accounts
  • Added group filter to Company Documents screen
  • Fixed another daily notification bug

1.16.12 (Released 2017-01-15)

  • Added support for Facebook, Google & Twitter social media account logins
  • Added the ability link a new email to a customer on the edit ticket screen
  • Fixed daily notification bug

1.16.11 (Released 2017-01-13)

1.16.10 (Released 2017-01-12)

  • Added company documents screen

1.16.09 (Released 2017-01-11)

  • Added system backup notifications
  • Improved email scraping auto reply detection
  • Fixed daily usage notification issue
  • Fixed monthly data rollover issue

1.16.08 (Released 2016-12-14)

  • Added hosting API Log
  • Added some fleet improvements
  • Various hosting bug fixes

1.16.07 (Released 2016-12-13)

  • Added customer group auto data rollover feature
  • Added ability to perform topups via SMS
  • Expanded helpdesk ticket status values
  • Various fleet module improvements
  • Various hosting, domain & lead to receipt bug fixes

1.16.06 (Released 2016-12-12)

  • Added custom billing intervals for domain hosting

1.16.05 (Released 2016-12-09)

  • Added admin user notification delivery via slack

1.16.04 (Released 2016-12-08)

  • Added link profile view on highsite map screen
  • Added the ability to view multiple SNMP graphs on one screen
  • Moved custom radius attributes from Data Product screen to Radius Service screen
  • Fixed mailbox scraping bug

1.16.03 (Released 2016-12-08)

  • Added ability to capture ID Number and lead source on the Sales Leads screen
  • Various sales lead bug fixes
  • Various hosting & domain bug fixes

1.16.02 (Released 2016-12-05)

  • Added credit card batch transaction screen
  • Added ability to push selected invoices to sageone, instead of only all or single invoices
  • Added invoice date and due date values on various billing confirmation screens
  • Various Hosting module bug fixes and improvements

1.16.01 (Released 2016-11-30)

  • Added new screen to bulk verify Customers with Credit Cards
  • Various hosting module improvements

1.16.00 (Released 2016-11-29)

  • Added hosting module
  • Added ability to filter hotspot session reports by Voucher, PPP & Free trials

1.15.21 (Released 2016-11-28)

  • Added Telkom ADSL realm connectivity support
  • Added menu entry for admin users to manage their own notification settings

1.15.20 (Released 2016-11-24)

  • Added additional customer & product details to the wireless connections screen
  • Added new permission specifically for package changes
  • Added a debug switch to show or hide the Data Adjust button on the Customer Total usage screen
  • Fixed a bug where radius service cap sizes may have taken precedence over data package cap sizes when radius data cap limits were checked

1.15.19 (Released 2016-11-23)

  • Added switch to include or exclude prepaid accounts from customer & radius user list screens
  • Fixed a bug where radius accounts switched to sub accounts still show under usage views
  • Fixed a bug where data packages might show on the radius user edit screen for sub accounts
  • Fixed a bug where original ticket submitters (via email) may not receive ticket notifications if no customer is assigned
  • Fixed a bug preventing some usage notifications from not sending

1.15.18 (Released 2016-11-21)

  • Added the ability to add a customer footer message to all customer helpdesk ticket emails
  • Added the ability to attach a driving license foto to driver details
  • Added the ability to send daily usage notification emails to specific customers
  • Added the ability to send dual English & Afrikaans usage notification emails

1.15.17 (Released 2016-11-20)

  • Added credit card verification and processing
  • Added slack notification on backup completion

1.15.16 (Released 2016-11-17)

  • Added extra background radius session disconnect routine if freeradius cannot disconnect users
  • Added the ability to define customer radius attributes at a data product level

1.15.15 (Released 2016-11-16)

  • Added the ability to switch customers from date prepaid to monthly billing and vice versa
  • Changed ticket detail view to load no ticket if none selected
  • Changed radius user edit screen to hide the data package on prepaid accounts
  • Fixed a bug which could result in sub account’s prepaid packages being loaded instead of parent account

1.15.14 (Released 2016-11-14)

  • Replying to closed helpdesk ticket emails now auto-reopens the ticket
  • Customers can now view closed tickets and re-open by adding new notes
  • Hide Ticket diagnoses & resolution on ticket creation
  • Fixed a bug prevent new ticket submissions being emailed to customers on manual capture

1.15.13 (Released 2016-11-09)

  • Added user permission templates
  • Added re-sync button to Sage-One sync queue screen
  • Added Session-Timeout radius attribute to every session to ensure sessions re-connect just before month-end
  • Added old radius session info to the customer usage screen
  • Changed Cisco-AVPair custom radius attribute to always use the += operand

1.15.12 (Released 2016-11-07)

  • Changed Framed-Route mikrotik attribute to always use the += operand and to add /32 when a single ip address is used
  • Fixed a bug that made invoice line amounts non-editable even when invoice edit permission was assigned

1.15.11 (Released 2016-10-28)

  • Added SageOne Sync Queue status view
  • Minor performance Improvements

1.15.10 (Released 2016-10-25)

  • Added mailbox rules edit screen & extended rule processing
  • Fixed a bug on prepaid user package edit where usernames contains non standard characters

1.15.09 (Released 2016-10-22)

  • Added the ability to create radius accounts for use as mikrotik winbox logins. A new permission is needed to use this feature
  • Added a radius test feature on the radius edit screen

1.15.08 (Released 2016-10-17)

  • Added contract definitions to the sales setup menu
  • Added customer contracts, linked to recurring billing, under customer edit screen
  • Added product description to the invoice & credit note product selection dropdown fields
  • Added optional invoice editing permission lockdown under billing settings
  • Added individual & bulk customer suspension options directly form the Overdue Customers report
  • Fixed a bug where sub account ip’s were not added to the capped address lists

1.15.07 (Released 2016-10-12)

  • Added a new report for Overdue Customers with no recent Payments

1.15.06 (Released 2016-10-10)

  • Added immediate customer suspension / un-suspension on the edit customer popup screen
  • Added filter on list customer screen to filter suspended customers

1.15.05 (Released 2016-09-26)

  • Added ability to bulk remove categories
  • Added SageOne comparison view
  • Added SageOne API view

1.15.04 (Released 2016-09-18)

  • Added support for Micro Instruments network power monitor devices
  • Added GPS map of highsite locations (Premium feature)
  • Added hotspot, wireless & ppp session totals to device view
  • Check for duplicate bank accounts when adding customer banking details

1.15.03 (Released 2016-09-11)

  • Added ability to include a reminder when submitting a ticker note
  • Added radius account specific data cap limits and auto topup limits
  • Added ability to connect to radius session ip address via browser on active port
  • Added active radio stats with active radius session on customer edit screen
  • Change device uptime detection to use perl instead of http
  • Various minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements

1.15.02 (Released 2016-09-04)

  • Added more debugging info when configuring new mailbox scraping mailboxes
  • Added ability to manually link devices to their parents on the edit device screen

1.15.01 (Released 2016-09-03)

  • Added first & last used dates on the radius user & customer list screens

1.15.00 (Released 2016-08-27)

  • Added the ability to capture and filter by customer and billing categories
  • Added data topup widget to customer edit screen
  • Added a feature to merge two customer accounts
  • Added the ability to bulk send statements to all customers
  • Added a network map view (Premium feature)
  • Added the ability to set custom pricing on scheduled package changes

1.14.08 (Released 2016-08-22)

  • Added feature to use external asterisk cdr db as voip billing source
  • Moved VOIP line rental recurring billing from manual recurring billing entries to Asterisk VOIP Line rental under customer edit screen
  • Improved auto topup mechanism to not disconnect users

1.14.07 (Released 2016-08-19)

  • Added the ability to complete more hotspot transaction purchase errors
  • Added the ability to disconnect all active radius sessions on a specific package or service
  • Added the ability to regenerate radius attributes for all users on a specific package or service
  • Added visual indication when data package or service change triggers a radius user attribute update
  • Added a screen to show recently disconnected sessions
  • Updated some security related features

1.14.06 (Released 2016-08-13)

  • Moved some background tasks to use PHP command line interface instead of Web URL

1.14.05 (Released 2016-08-09)

  • Added mini calendar dropdown to the menu bar
  • Added auto-refresh to server performance page
  • Added ability to maintain capped radius address lists in specific mikrotik routers
  • Changed auto rollover to behave like topups
  • Fixed validation issue on hotspot location edit screen

1.14.04 (Released 2016-08-04)

  • Added ability to define multiple calendars
  • Added ical compatible calendar feeds to the internal calendars
  • Added team allocations to calendar events
  • Improved customer auto linking on incoming helpdesk ticket emails
  • Fixed decimal issue on invoice & credit note generation for amounts bigger than 6 digits

1.14.03 (Released 2016-07-24)

  • Added initial calendar support
  • Added Customer billing group filtering on the recurring billing screens
  • Added shortcuts to customer edit & usage screens on radius user list screen

1.14.02 (Released 2016-07-22)

  • Added ability custom link ip addresses to radius user accounts when doing netflow monitoring
  • Added a switch to hide the free trial data allocation on individual hotspots
  • Improved netflow usage monitoring

1.14.01 (Released 2016-07-18)

  • Added ability to filter helpdesk tickets by deleted value
  • Added ticket owner field to helpdesk tickets, allowing owner to track re-assigned tickets
  • Added phone line billing details to customer edit screen
  • Fixed some css issues on the customer edit screen
  • Improved performance on the traffic and phone usage report screens
  • Various bug fixes

1.14.00 (Released 2016-07-12)

  • Added ‘push all’ functionality to customer adjustments & write off’s
  • Added customer suspension
  • Added vip filters to customer and ticket lists
  • Added ability for accounts to update topup costs in current period
  • Improved hotspot free wifi data capture functionality
  • Improved usage detail log view performance

1.13.01 (Released 2016-07-07)

  • Added helpdesk ticket performance view
  • Added a user permission summary view
  • Various other helpdesk improvements
  • Permission improvements

1.13.00 (Released 2016-07-04)

  • Added a new API to re-assign helpdesk tickets on asterisk call transfer
  • Added file drag & drop support on helpdesk tickets
  • Added the ability to merge two helpdesk tickets together
  • Added a browser alters when tickets are assigned to you
  • Updated the helpdesk ticket view
  • Updated data product edit view to auto create required rollover radius services
  • Various other helpdesk improvements

1.12.05 (Released 2016-06-29)

  • Added interim API call to create helpdesk tickets from asterisk
  • Added support for multiple simultaneous email addresses in customer bound notifications
  • Improved customer notifications to ensure notifications are sent to all customer emails & cell numbers
  • Improved admin user permission and notification edit screen
  • Fixed a bug when searching for tickets on the duplicate ticket popup
  • Fixed a bug affecting ticket short codes

1.12.04 (Released 2016-06-28)

  • Added a switch to disable sending of customer deletion or expiry notices
  • Added a customer banking details import wizard
  • Added a finance adjustment import wizard
  • Further helpdesk ticket system performance improvements

1.12.03 (Released 2016-06-22)

  • Added auto capturing of sales leads via mailbox scraping
  • Added a switch to control the sending of helpdesk ticket updates to customers
  • Added a switch to allow auto creation of sub accounts for hotspot registered free trial users
  • Added a switch to allow creation of customers & products when importing from SageOne
  • Added cpu usage to device list view
  • Added a new Month-end billing processing screen to streamline month-end billing
  • Improved cron background process detection
  • Improved helpdesk ticket list view performance
  • Fixed a bug in radius prepaid user import
  • Fixed a bug where login checks were sometimes done against deleted accounts

1.12.02 (Released 2016-06-21)

  • Added ability to import customer radius product linkages
  • Added ability to import recurring billing info
  • Added sample import files
  • Further cosmetic changes to the helpdesk ticket summary view
  • Switched email graph generation from google charts url to local server-side generation

1.12.01 (Released 2016-06-15)

  • Added product import wizard
  • Added new consolidated import wizard menu under the Tools menu
  • Added migration status view
  • Added switches to control helpdesk SMS sending to customers & staff
  • Added additional helpdesk summary view screen
  • Added the ability to view dual pricing (inc & excl of VAT) on products

1.12.00 (Released 2016-06-13)

  • Added highsite location summary view
  • Added ability to generate helpdesk tickets from unmatched emails
  • Added ability to push all outstanding credit notes to sageone
  • Added ability to switch between satellite and map views in the various embedded google maps
  • Added quick edit and close buttons to the helpdesk list screen
  • Improved helpdesk ticket list screen to include more details plus a switch to include or exclude closed tickets
  • Increased ticket detail text size capacity to accommodate large email bodies
  • Fixed a bug where invoices & credit notes would fail to push to sageone if reference field was too long
  • Fixed a bug where the invoice import wizard created credit notes with negative values
  • Fixed a time display bug in the ticket widget on the customer edit screen

1.11.10 (Released 2016-06-12)

  • Added a view of the mailbox processing log, allowing additional customer email address tagging & ticket generation
  • Added custom mail rules to the mailbox processing view
  • Added the ability to define additional contact details for customers on the edit customer screen
  • Added additional customer edit audit trail detailed logging
  • Added widget to show additional contact info under the Customer edit view
  • Fixed bug where some users would loose their queue attributes

1.11.09 (Released 2016-06-09)

  • Added mailbox monitoring and auto ticket creation, plus adding of ticket notes on email replies
  • Added ability to update freeradius code from within Datatill update screen
  • Added ability to link a statement email to a helpdesk ticket
  • Added ability to filter helpdesk tickets by department
  • Improved helpdesk ticket view
  • Removed note title from helpdesk ticket notes
  • Changed auto close timer on some windows to close immediately
  • Fixed a snmp interface utilisation monitoring bug
  • Fixed a bug resulting in some rarely used prepaid accounts showing double data usage

1.11.08 (Released 2016-06-01)

  • Added the ability to send suspension warning messages to customers
  • Added the ability to capture debtor notes on the customer edit screen

1.11.07 (Released 2016-05-30)

  • Added message history widget to customer edit screen
  • Added a feature to block customers from performing data topups if their account is in arrears
  • Modified the statement email routine on the customer edit screen to auto populate with customer’s email address
  • Improved system backup failure detection
  • Improved security on product pricing changes
  • Improved finance reporting

1.11.06 (Released 2016-05-27)

  • Fixed radius user account IP validation routine for public ip addresses
  • Added a switch to enable or disabled rrd graph generation for individual pppoe radius sessions
  • Improved customer search dropdown filter

1.11.05 (Released 2016-05-26)

  • Added nightly scheduled system backups (if enabled)
  • Improved export to Excel functionality on table views
  • Improved outbound email deliver success

1.11.04 (Released 2016-05-23)

  • Added ability to import new customers or update existing customer details
  • Added a debug switch to track broken cron jobs
  • Tidied up the licence accept button click event

1.11.03 (Released 2016-05-17)

  • Added ability to perform backups from inside DataTill
  • Added ability view free trial hotspot registrations
  • Added support for the importing of credit notes

1.11.02 (Released 2016-05-10)

  • Added monthly recurring billing summary screen
  • Added monthly receipt summary screen
  • Added a bank account summary screen
  • Fix a bug where package change comments were not always saved

1.11.01 (Released 2016-05-03)

  • Added ability to edit recurring billing items on the customer edit screen
  • Added ability to edit scheduled package changes on the customer edit screen
  • Added ability for customers to request account info changes in the customer portal
  • Added customer creator info on the customer edit screen
  • Added detailed audit trail logging and show under customer edit screen
  • Added ability to edit debit batch amounts before submitting
  • Added ability delete and re-generate statement from customer edit screen
  • Added ability to pull and view bank account details from SageOne
  • Added different invoice email messages for direct debit, eft & other payment methods
  • Added a switch to enable or disable the disconnecting of connected radius sessions at midnight
  • Added widget showing prepaid purchases under customer edit screen
  • Improved radius checks to clear session connected to a NAS that no longer exists
  • Improved radius session disconnect function to always clear stale db sessions
  • Improved invoice & credit note edit performance
  • Changed package change screen to only allow changes to changes still in the future
  • Changed recurring billing to split pending from invoiced items
  • Always log a package change request, even when a radius account is modified directly
  • Fixed a bug where deleted customer accounting codes may overlap with live customers

1.11.00 (Released 2016-04-30)

  • Added generation of SagePay NetFTP debit batches
  • Added exception report highlighting customers with incomplete bank details
  • Added recurring billing summary report by product
  • Added recurring billing summary report by product category
  • Added previous radius session info widget to customer edit screen
  • Added recurring billing widget to customer edit screen
  • Added support for site wide use of ssl (https) encryption
  • Added ability to generate and store individual sagepay netftp daily debit run batches
  • Added detailed view of debit run batches
  • Added switch to include or exclude phone calls on specific lines to recurring billing
  • Added billing setup to control current billing period
  • Added ability to push all outstanding invoices to SageOne
  • Added exchange rate integration with openexchangerates.org
  • Added support for document url’s to be included in invoice & statement emails
  • Added ability to hide or show invoices, credit notes & statements in the end user portal
  • Added ability to jump to customer edit screen from the list customer screen
  • Added a panel to show package changes on customer edit screen
  • Changed paypal dynamic pricing to use exchange rate api instead
  • Changed customer edit screen to show different details for prepaid accounts
  • Changed system to immediately expire a customer & radius accounts if expiry date is set to today or earlier
  • Cleaned up edit radius screen to hide pricing details tab for prepaid accounts
  • Fixed a bug where some customers that are capped may keep their throttled speed after month rollover
  • Fixed a bug where multiple documents may be incorrectly attached to a finance email
  • Fixed a bug allowing the creation of a radius account without assigning a data package

1.10.06 (Released 2016-04-27)

  • Added auto generation of monthly recurring billing entries
  • Added recurring billing summary screen
  • Added default payment method and debit run date to billing settings
  • Added payment method to recurring billing entries
  • Added customer account expiry notification
  • Added generation and viewing of customer statements to customer edit screen and end user portal
  • Added mysql performance monitoring metrics to server monitoring page

1.10.05 (Released 2016-04-24)

  • Auto update highsites used per customer
  • Added expiry function to customers
  • Added a mandatory comment when adding a free data topup
  • Added age analysis history overview
  • Added more debug settings
  • Improved discharging sites screen to highlight sites below minimum voltage
  • Improved recurring billing item edit screen
  • Fixed a credit note line item bug where amounts containing a “,” were saved incorrectly

1.10.04 (Released 2016-04-20)

  • Added daily age analysis summary
  • Added pricing exception report
  • Added debug mode settings to log various system internals like permission requests and radius usage calculations
  • Improved radius daily usage stats calculations

1.10.03 (Released 2016-04-14)

  • Bugfixes including wrong usage percentage being shown on capped email notifications
  • Expanded the alert dropdown menu to include radius account type breakdown
  • Added support to monitor mikrotik queue utilisation, similar to snmp monitoring

1.10.02 (Released 2016-04-11)

  • Expanded highsite page, linking devices to highsites

1.10.01 (Released 2016-04-10)

  • SageOne API improvements
  • Added SageOne sync view tool
  • Added helpdesk ticket category filter to Dashboard
  • Improved low power detection by addind normal voltage setting for each raspberry pi

1.10.00 (Released 2016-04-05)

  • Added SageOne API support
  • Added Finance functions (invoice, credit note, adjustment, write-off)
  • Added highsites list
  • Various performance improvements

1.04.06 (Released 2016-03-14)

  • Improved cron job multi-threading
  • Added initial dashboard view
  • Added screen showing currently discharging devices

1.04.05 (Released 2016-03-12)

  • Auto enable mikrotik ftp access for router backups
  • Added last config change date & last backup date to network devices view
  • Added support for ubiquiti device backups and config exports & config change detection
  • Added a background job to track individual device downtime
  • Added ability to add documentation to highsites
  • Added user fixed ip address and radius service price to the fields imported via the radiusmanager import wizard

1.04.04 (Released 2016-03-03)

  • Added syslog collection support
  • Interim API support extended to include various new APIs
  • Added daemon monitoring to background jobs page
  • Syslog source device detection improvements

1.04.03 (Released 2016-03-02)

  • Added monthly value column on Sales leads report
  • Added support for customer radius attributes per radius user

1.04.02 (Released 2016-02-20)

  • Added switch to disable power notifications on individual raspberry Pi’s
  • Added support for Victron MPPT 150/45 solar controller
  • Added support for Asterisk 1.8
  • Extended support for Mikrotik wireless connection monitoring
  • Added Wireless signal distribution monitoring
  • Added helpdesk ticket list panel to customer edit screen
  • Added asterisk voip extension list panel to customer edit screen
  • Added customer group default monthly prepaid products
  • Improved radius import wizard to also allow the importing of radius users with no names and no history
  • Added a switch to control the number of background daemon processes that will be spawned during device monitoring

1.04.01 (Released 2016-02-17)

  • Added Mikrotik router config export and diff feature, highlighting config changes
  • Added Mikrotik router config backup and download feature
  • Added a cron job to automate router config checking and config backups
  • Added support for auto-rollover data once a monthly package is capped
  • Added support for the monitoring of Mikrotik wireless connections

1.04.00 (Released 2016-02-15)

  • Added interim API to allow for the creation of customers & radius accounts, account topups, fetch radius user & customer details, fetch list of products

1.03.27 (Released 2016-02-11)

  • Added setting to switch sort order of prepaid hotspot vouchers
  • Added ability to print online applications
  • Added ability to add files to customers
  • Added ability for customers to submit files on helpdesk tickets
  • Added ability to restart all background jobs
  • Changed perl based background jobs to adhere to defined timeout settings

1.03.26 (Released 2016-02-06)

  • Improved helpdesk notifications
  • Added switch to enable or disable rrd graph generation for prepaid users

1.03.25 (Released 2016-02-04)

  • Added helpdesk system switch to disable public access to the ticket system
  • Added helpdesk system switch to disable public access to a customer ticket (via unique url)

1.03.24 (Released 2016-02-01)

  • Online Applications now send out an email to the notification list and auto creates a helpdesk ticket, if so configured
  • Added the ability to clone data packages
  • Various bug fixes for helpdesk ticket edits and prepaid data product availability
  • Various mysql performance enhancements

1.03.23 (Released 2016-01-26)

  • New data packages are now visible to clients by default
  • Added the ability to filter radius users by Normal, Free Trial or Voucher accounts
  • Enabled data usage notifications
  • Enabled ability to verify free trial wifi session offsite

1.03.22 (Released 2016-01-21)

  • Added additional columns and functionality to Radius CSV import wizard
  • Added the ability to push the hotspot files to all hotspot routers in one go
  • Improved the hotspot landing page online detection routine

1.03.21 (Released 2016-01-19)

  • Added check for duplicate NAS
  • Added Send Message function to Customer Edit screen
  • Added Customer selection to Send Message
  • Added Prepaid / Verified sorting to Customer List
  • Tweaked aesthetics on Customer pages
  • Various cosmetic improvements and bug fixes

1.03.20 (Released 2016-01-12)

  • Added default hotspot locations
  • Added further CSV radius import functionality
  • Added connectivity checker to hotspot landing pages
  • Various minor bug fixes

1.03.19 (Released 2015-12-12)

  • Added a report to show billing per highsite
  • Fixed some helpdesk ticket display bugs
  • Added device settings to control power outage notification events
  • Added index on billing_details to improve performance

1.03.18 (Released 2015-12-03)

  • Added more helpdesk functionality
  • Added Mikrotik netwatch support

1.03.17 (Released 2015-11-30)

  • Activated topup and data rollover feature
  • Added Topup summary view on customer usage screen

1.03.16 (Released 2015-11-25)

  • Added additional ticket system refinements
  • Added the ability to enable or disable the enabling of neighbour interface detection

1.03.15 (Released 2015-11-23)

  • Added Asset register movement report
  • Added non data product types
  • Fixed prepaid radius account rate limits

1.03.14 (Released 2015-11-18)

  • Added the ability to capture and edit online sales applications
  • Added the edit and display of sales terms & conditions
  • Added Wifi Access Point Products to the online sale application form
  • Improved stale radius session disconnect routine

1.03.13 (Released 2015-11-16)

  • Force close obsolete radius sessions after session timeout
  • Added battery percentage to power alert notifications
  • Enhanced voucher usage updates

1.03.12 (Released 2015-11-14)

  • Extended helpdesk ticket categories
  • Fixed a bug where sms topup notifications were always sent, even when email notifications were enabled but not sms
  • Fixed a bug where voucher expiry date was not updated
  • Added disk space usage on the Raspberry Pi screen
  • Further SageOne integration

1.03.11 (Released 2015-11-08)

  • Various bug fixes
  • Added link to customer usage screen inside package change emails
  • Added the ability to add prepaid data to prepaid accounts before any data is purchased.
  • Added more billing functionality
  • Added feature to hide unused fields when editing a prepaid account
  • Added extended customer search to radius user edit screen.
  • Added print option to the Asset Register screen
  • Added monitoring of Mikrotik device neighbours
  • Fixed customer usage screen from showing blank accounts on first open

1.03.10 (Released 2015-10-31)

  • Added additional billing detail editing functionality
  • Added midnight function to clear all radius log files
  • Added power status to RaspberryPi screen

1.03.09 (Released 2015-10-28)

  • Added the ability to override pending (un-authorized) payfast hotspot purchases
  • Added billing detail view plus ability for admin users to edit un-invoiced billing details
  • Added reports for monthly data packages and monthly topups

1.03.08 (Released 2015-10-26)

  • Added password generator to radius user edit screen
  • Added DataTill system update feature
  • Fixed a critical bug which resulted in abnormal data usage being displayed on the daily graph when not true
  • Added generic search to Customer edit screen

1.03.07 (Released 2015-10-25)

  • Added product & topup pricing overrides per radius user

1.03.06 (Released 2015-10-21)

  • Added switch to disable / enable RRD graph generation for hotspot vouchers
  • Added user notifications filtered by last used NAS
  • Fixed bug where User Notes could not be added

1.03.05 (Released 2015-10-18)

  • Update cap routine to update usage to realtime before sending cap notification
  • Added low power alert notifications

1.03.04 (Released 2015-10-09)

  • Improved performance of Mikrotik and uibiquity background monitoring job by spawning child processes
  • Updated midnight process to also truncate radius log nightly
  • Added ability set which products are visible to customers on the self service portal
  • Added view of billing details on the user usage view
  • Improved topup function to update usage view instantly
  • Change the usage and billing update routine to use dedicated functions

1.03.03 (Released 2015-10-07)

  • Added a setting to disable the helpdesk module
  • Added ability update a single netflow usage log entry under usage details
  • Users will now be auto-logged out from the website once their session cookie expires
  • Added export option on all the list screens

1.03.02 (Released 2015-10-01)

  • Fixed usage pie chart display sometimes misbehaving
  • Improved netflow analysis
  • added more netflow usage visibility in customer view

1.03.01 (Released 2015-09-23)

  • Improved netflow stats processing performance

1.03.00 (Released 2015-09-09)

  • Added Netflow traffic monitoring

1.02.29 (Released 2015-09-04)

  • Fixed a bug preventing some previously capped radius accounts from getting re-capped
  • Fixed a bug that included deleted accounts in the customer total usage view
  • Fixed a bug preventing duplicate service code check on radius service edit screen
  • Added some more custom-attribute validation to the freeradius auth routines

1.02.28 (Released 2015-09-01)

  • Added notification setting to enable / disable various customer notifications
  • Fixed a bug where some radius sub accounts would not inherit the parent’s rate limit

1.02.27 (Released 2015-08-30)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect monthly usage totals to be stored
  • Updated DataTables jQuery library

1.02.26 (Released 2015-08-16)

  • Added Ubiquiti sector monitoring

1.02.25 (Released 2015-08-02)

  • Fixed a bug where some customer codes were not url encoded in public notifications
  • Fixed a bug where detailed usage details were not shown if extended logging was not active

1.02.24 (Released 2015-07-16)

  • Changed voucher PDF generation to be less memory intensive
  • Changed asterisk server interface to use ssh or remote daemon connections
  • Fixed a bug resulting in asterisk realtime activity not always displaying correctly

1.02.23 (Released 2015-07-13)

  • Added hotspot sponsor url function

1.02.22 (Released 2015-07-07)

  • Added snmp interface monitoring

1.02.21 (Released 2015-06-20)

  • Added custom csv radius user import wizard
  • Added an additional hostname and ip range for verified Payfast gate transactions

1.02.20 (Released 2015-06-11)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the remote daemon to swap additional sessions
  • Fixed a bug that caused some radius services to loose their rate limits when data packages were updated
  • Added customer helpdesk ticket submission and notification
  • Added new database tool entry to recreate user radius limits

1.02.19 (Released 2015-05-11)

  • Fixed a bug causing some vouchers to not have rate limits assigned
  • Fixed a bug preventing some hotspot promotions from being correctly created
  • Added country code to numbers sent via Clickatell SMS Gateway

1.02.18 (Released 2015-05-06)

  • Fixed a bug preventing RaspberryPi IP address from being edited

1.02.17 (Released 2015-05-04)

  • Added server task execution daemon configuration
  • Added licensing information to the system

1.02.16 (Released 2015-04-24)

  • Added Hotspot templates, used to allow hotspot landing page customisation
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a hotspot voucher limit to be exceeded under some rare circumstances
  • Added nightly routine to clear free trial hotspot sessions
  • Added ability to submit feature requests from the Tools menu
  • Added ability to submit issues from the Tools menu

1.02.15 (Released 2015-04-12)

  • Added Prepaid Usage summary button onto the Usage Detail screen
  • Added verified only free trial functionality to hotspots. This prevents hotspot abuse by forcing users to register their cell phone to their free usage account.
  • Added the ability to view, disable and enable free trial accounts.

1.02.14 (Released 2015-04-03)

  • Improved walled garden definitions to include port and protocol values
  • Added hotspot bypassed entries similar to walled garden entries
  • Moved Free Trial button above Prepaid Services buttons on hotspot login page

1.02.13 (Released 2015-03-23)

  • Added the ability to define data expiry / rollover options for monthly data & data topups, at a global and customer level
  • Moved midnight & month-end tasks into separate cron jobs
  • Fixed a critical bug preventing radius user accounts from being deleted
  • Fixed a bug affecting Centos 7 installations that prevented radius users with no expiry date from being created

1.02.12 (Released 2015-03-13)

  • Added hotspot usage summary consolidation
  • Added mobile optimised hotspot statistics view

1.02.11 (Released 2015-03-11)

  • Fixed a bug on hotspot html file generation, which cause login redirection to fail
  • Fixed a bug on logo picker on hotspot voucher batch generation
  • Fixed a bug that showed some used vouchers as unused on the hotpsot voucher list screen
  • Enabled the option to view, expire or delete an individual hotspot voucher
  • Added an additional check to verify SSL3 compatibility on Unifi controller scanning

1.02.10 (Released 2015-03-08)

  • Improved url shortening code to handle encoded data better
  • Improved display of categorized data. Pie charts now match colours of bar charts
  • Show traffic log (if enabled) on user usage screen
  • Added release and installation dates to the changelog
  • Fixed bug in RadiusManager import wizard, which could result in duplicate users accounts being imported


  • Added showing of total data usage in number of GB when usage goes over 1TB
  • Added the ability to use a user defined column name on traffic log processing, enabling multi-company sharing of traffic logs
  • Added the display of “Uncategorized” traffic when detailed logging is enabled.


  • Added ability to download hotspot http files direct to Mikrotik router from hotspot locations page


  • Added maintenance routine to truncate the radius log file once a week (midnight Sunday)
  • Fixed error preventing a new hotspot location being added


  • Fixed a bug that may lead to voucher data limit being exceeded


  • Optimised user & customer deletion functionality, ensuring usage history is retained but usernames recycled.
  • Added a timeout entry under Hotspot Settings to clear out unused self registered prepaid accounts. Default is set to 31 days.
  • Added a refresh button on the cron job log viewer popup window.


  • Added voucher expiry details on voucher purchase screens
  • Fixed confirmation dialogue issue on Hotspot Purchase manual override
  • Added daily and monthly new user graph to the Hotspot Dashboard view
  • Show error message if non prepaid users try to purchase prepaid data


  • Added pending hotspot and prepaid transaction completion for SagePay and PayPal transactions, in addition to existing override for PayFast transactions
  • Added hotspot name on prepaid purchase admin emails
  • Added hotspot name to new prepaid account registration admin notification emails
  • Fixed Paypal purchase completion issue
  • Fixed radiusmananger import issue where blank passwords were not allowed


  • Added Hotspot Purchase Summary report
  • Added database table optimisation under Tools


  • Fixed display inconsistency on Prepaid Summary page
  • Fixed issue with prepaid data expiring one day late
  • Added ability to edit hotspot terms & conditions


  • Added support for IP Pools, both normal and capped
  • Improved database tools, table sizes screen
  • Improved radius user group attribute management


  • Added prepaid column to Hotspot Locations screen
  • Added prepaid usage summary screen
  • Improved Prepaid data usage switchover
  • Added support for UniFi v4 controllers
  • Added scanning of UniFi stations
  • Added scanning of UniFi connected users


  • Improved Hotspot defaults, including default hotspot vouchers and prepaid packages


  • Added Clickatell SMS Gateway API


  • Added Radius monthly usage report


  • Introduced Prepaid self service functionality


  • Introduced radiusmanager import wizard


  • Added processing of hotspot header records
  • Introduced the ability to generate voucher batch PDF documents


  • Introduced helpdesk functionality


  • Introduced hotspot promotion functionality


  • Introduced background job timeout function. background task gets killed and re-scheduled if it’s running time exceeds the timeout


  • Added Weather station summary view


  • Improved hotspot session monitoring


  • Added the viewing of blocked url’s from the blocked_hits table.
  • To add entries to this table call the following url from your content filter: /hotspot/blocked?url=blocked_url_goes_here


  • Added the manual clearing of Mikrotik hotspot cookies on hotspot logout
  • Split Hotspot Usage report into Summary report and Session Report


  • Introduction of Hotspot Free Trial Limit management


  • Improved hotspot session processing
  • Improved hotspot session detection
  • Improved mobile device type detection
  • Added top day, month & hotspot stats under hotspot usage dashboard


  • Added hotspot usage dashboard summary view


  • Improved hotspot device detection code


  • Added hotspot reporting for bandwidth sponsors with login and permissions


  • Added monitoring of Ubiquiti Unifi Controllers


  • Added option to scan all Mikrotik router radius server definitions


  • Added system alerts and counters under Stats menu
  • Added changelog view under Tools menu
  • Changed remote task execute mechanism to use secure ssh instead of perl daemon.
  • Added scanning of radius log file to identify unconfigured NAS’s, with quick add feature.