October 12, 2018

Invoicing/ Billing Module   

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where in some cases deleting a document line on invoices, quotes or job-cards, did not update the total amount of the document.
  • Fixed issue where an apostrophe in a label name prevented pages (using the label) from loading.
  • Fixed intermittent issue where Sub Accounts belonging to a Master Account (where the Bill All to Master option was disabled), were not being invoiced.


  • Improved the Billing setting to enable/disable downloading the Old Sage Pay Direct Debit Batch format. When enabled, the user will receive validation if the setup fields are not all filled in.
  • Improved the Overwrite Recurring Billing CSV file generation and import to be more secure.
  • Improved the function that imports customers from SageOne into DataTill, to prevent potential loss of data after the sync.



  • Improved FTP backups to allow for use of the external third party LFTP library.

Data (Radius)  


  • Added Validation to ensure that radius usernames do not include invalid Characters (‘ ; ” $ & % *).
  • Improved Usage page to indicate which prepaid totals are being displayed. I.E. the current month only or active bundle period.
  • Added CPE IP addresses to radius user accounts.
  • Added the ability to select a fixed IP from highsite list.
  • Added Search by Date function on the “All Closed Radius Sessions” page.
  • Added “MAC address” column to the “All Closed Radius Sessions” table.



  • Added Validation setup menu for Device Monitoring on the LibreNMS Monitoring Setup fields.
  • Improved Mikrotik backups to auto detect the FTP service port value on the mikrotik router. This will value will be when making an FTP connection to the router.
  • Added tab on the network devices. This flag will indicate whether that router should be used for voltage monitoring and determine the offset value to be used.



  • Improved SQL code to optimise general system performance.



  • Improved the “Recent Changes” section that displays on helpdesk notifications.
  • Added the ability to delete your own public and admin only ticket notes.
  • Improved the logic when a helpdesk notification should be sent for updates on tickets being followed.
  • Added the ability to set custom text only signatures (for admin users) on helpdesk ticket replies. Note, this is auto inserted into the note section when responding on a ticket.
  • Fixed intermittent issue where the helpdesk ticket list did not display for certain admin users.

Reports, List Views & Banners  


  • Improved the Statistics report for Billing to include “Customer Cancellation Reason” column in User churn table.
  • Added a notice/banner to display on all admin listing pages, when the Google Maps API key needs to be provided.
  • Fixed issue where Reseller settings will no longer be removed unless the correct Reseller permissions are enabled for that user.
  • Improved Reseller list view to include “Bill all to master” column. This was previously displayed as “Bill to Own”.
  • Added “Current Billing Period” display header to the DataTill menu. The user must have the Accounting Adjustment modify permission enabled.
  • Improved the Recurring Billing Entries default filter on page load. It will now show Enabled records only and not All records.
  • Improved the Customer Sub-account banner on the Customer Edit page to include the master account’s accounting code.It is also a clickable banner. It will now direct the user to the linked master account.

Mobile App  


  • Fix issue where “admin only” helpdesk notifications were being sent to mobile devices logged in via non admin accounts.
  • Added Release Notes splash screen on the mobile app on startup.

API Developer Related  


  • Improved API documentation setup and page.


  • Added a new API page to easily manage your own access tokens.
  • Added API call to create a sales lead.
  • Added API call to create a sales lead.
  • Added API call to to create or modify a customer.
  • Added API call to retrieve a list of available prepaid products for all or a specific hotspot.
  • Added API call to allocate a new prepaid bundle to an existing radius user,
  • Added API call to retrieve a list of available hotspot locations.
  • Added API call to retrive a list data and non-data products via the API.
  • Added API call to to create or modify a radius account.
  • Added API to create a hotspot voucher.
  • Added API to retrieve voucher usage details.

Hotfix 1


  • Fixed issue where Product Type did not display after a successful import. This now works correctly.
  • Fixed validation that occurred in error on the PortaBilling and VoIP Billing settings under the Billing menu – when enabling the SagePay Download Old Debit Batch Format settings.

  • Fixed issue where the Reseller Module was required when creating new customers.
  • Improved the Helpdesk Ticket List filters when filtering by Incl Unassigned In User’s Departments.

  • Improved the new AI feature within DataTill that manages SMS replies. This feature is call SMS Topup Message Intelligence. Users can now assign a default user where the relevant Helpdesk Tickets will get assigned too. Read more on the blog here.
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September 10, 2018

Please note release 1.4.02 is a routine maintenance release, which mostly covers bug fixes and cosmetics.

Fair Usage Policy & Radius  


  • Fixed Soft Cap 100% usage issue where some notifications were not being generated.
  • Fixed usage notifications issue where some were being generated as blanks.
  • Fixed the setting on Data Accounts to authenticate according to the setting chosen for the Radius Account.
  • Fixed IP Accounting Data Accounts that were ignoring the burst settings defined on the Data Products.


  • Added the ability to define when Mikrotik bursts settings will be applied during a policy.

Mailbox Scraper  


  • Fixed error which may have briefly displayed when saving or updating a mailbox – even though the mailbox was successfully created/updated.

Company Documents  


  • Fixed issue where files uploaded were not saving correctly. Once the file has been uploaded, the document name also gets auto updated.

Social Media Logins 


  • Added validation to the Social Media Login menu – all required fields must now be filled in when saving a particular login.



  • Added validation to the System Setup menu for Google Maps and Places API Keys – all required fields must now be filled in when saving these fields. Please see the important blog here
  • Fixed the Audit Trail functionality, all changes on new and existing Default Tax Rates are correctly recorded now.
  • Added correct validation for the Clickatell SMS Gateway and SMSS Gateway



  • Fixed Vodacom Auto import issue where previous imports did not display the RateCard and Trunks on the call log.

Cosmetics in general

  • Various Cosmetic improvements were made, including spelling and alignment.

Hotfix 1



  • Fixed an issue where stale connections were either not being disconnected or where a new active session for the same radius username were disconnected via the mikrotik API instead. This issue only occurred where the concurrent session value was set very low.
  • Fixed issue where when searching on the sub account widget of a disabled reseller sometimes gave an error.
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August 10, 2018


● Added a media rich text editor to allow email messages sent to customers to be formatted.

custom message rich text
● Added ability to notify a reseller when one of their customers gets suspended.
● Added a search box to the Sub Account widget on the Customer Edit screen to search for sub accounts.
● Moved the menu item for Notification Templates from the Device Menu to Tools -> Messages.
● Fixed Refer-a-Friend issue where a billing document could be saved if there was no data product on the document.
● Fixed Refer-a-Friend error where discount already allocated could be edited in the Referrer Discount Allocated report.


Payment Gateways

New Feature
● Added Zapper as a Payment Gateway

Blog link: https://www.datatill.com/zapper-payment-gateway/




New Feature
● Added support for multiple network subnets within a single IP pool.
● Separated the radius timeout for Wireless & Openserve connections.
● Added additional burst fields to the data product accounts.
● Added switch to disable notifications for prepaid usage to determine whether data allocation notifications should be sent to a prepaid customer.
● Fixed issue where some prepaid account balances were prevented from being correctly adjusted after new bundles have been applied.

Blog link: https://www.datatill.com/multiple-network-subnets/


Fair Usage Policy

● Fixed issue where the Radius Status tool tip on the Data Accounts and Customer Data Usage Page was displaying the incorrect upload speeds and download speeds.



New Feature
● Added the ability to automatically send statements to customers on the selected day every month based on settings on their customer group.
● Added ability to change the payment method of an invoice where the invoice is marked as unpaid, overdue, or partially paid.
● Added the functionality to display the “Origin Reference” to the Invoicing menu/list view.
● Added Sub-Account name on reseller invoices.
● Changed the wording from “Are you sure” to “Would you like to proceed” on the confirmation popup when cloning an invoice.
● Fixed issue where the filtering by selecting certain days on the Debit Run Batches page was not filtering the list.



New Feature
● Added the ability to add more than one admin user in a helpdesk ticket escalation notification.
● Added ticket auto close function.

● Added ability to copy attachments from a helpdesk ticket to a customer’s profile. (Widget on edit customer screen.)
● Added an “Admin Only Ticket” Banner to the top of the details list for admin only ticket.

● Admin only tickets will only allow admin only notes.

Blog link: https://www.datatill.com/helpdesk-ticket-auto-close/



● Fixed issue where the network device station lists was prevented from being scanned.



New Feature
● Added the ability to view a breakdown of fields changed within an audit event on the Audit Trail page.
● Added a new notification for failed backups
● Added validation to ensure that all Refer-a-friend settings are enabled to use the module.
● Added multi filters to workflow screens.
● Fixed issue where Numbers longer than 11 digits could not be entered in the mobile number field on Hotspot registration.


Customer Portal/ Mobile App

New Feature
● Added the ability to view Realtime usage in the customer portal and mobile app.

● Added a feature to mark all messages as read in the mobile app.

Blog links:



realtime full screen


New Features
● Added a quantity field when adding or editing a Recurring Billing Entry in the Recurring Billing Widget on the Customer Edit Page.
● Added an indicator on customer profile if an account to show when the account has been capped.
● Changed the wording from “bill all to master account” to “Bill All Recurring Billing Entries To Master Account” when editing a master account.
● Changed the wording from “Data Contracts ” to “Rental Contracts” under Sales Settings, and Customer Edit Page.
● Removed auto top-up when user gets switched to uncapped.



● Changed the colours of buttons to match the standard. Refresh buttons are green and add buttons are blue.
● Changed the colours of buttons to match the standard. Edit buttons are blue.
● Changed the colours of buttons to match the standard. Clone buttons are teal.
● Renamed Sub Accounts to Sub-Accounts.
● Fixed alignment on Billing menu.



Bug Fixes
● Fixed Issue where if certain information is omitted from a job card, the corresponding ticket would not be created.
● Fixed issue where the due date shown in the table on the Invoice page was incorrect.
● Fixed issue where customers can overwrite the document comment field on quote acceptance.
● Removed redundant methods of assigning sales leads sales settings
● Fixed issue where requesting a LTE Topup does not forward a customer to a payment page
● Fixed issue where the edit customer button per row is not populating with ID of the customer, on the Messages Log page.
● Fixed issue where adding a Circuit Provider caused a validation error
● Fixed issue where certain Job Cards get stuck on hold as the “previous state” field gets overridden.


1.4.01 Hotfixes

Hotfix 1


  • Fixed issue for Soft Capped customers – they will now be assigned to the correct Capped pool. They will be allocated the correct IP once they reach their limit.
  • Updated the validation for customer and admin users in DataTill. These usernames can no longer be created with spaces.
  • Fixed Helpdesk Escalation Rules – they will only escalate according to the rule set and to (multiple)users chosen for the notification. It is important to note that Helpdesk Escalation Rules will only apply to tickets created from version 1.4.01 onwards.The functionality als o only runs during business hours at present.
  • Improved SQL for hotspot_session performance.
  • Added the ability to use special characters on Device Login (passwords).
  • Fixed the Real-time usage graph icon to launch correctly from the Active Data Sessions widget.
  • Added status buttons and tooltips to the Cron page, that are colour co-ordinated according to each status.
  • Added the ability to mention/tag an admin user in a comment on a Helpdesk ticket, when the setting is enabled (per admin user).

Hotfix 2


  • Fixed radius sessions for Prepaid users. When a bundle expires, all active sessions for that user (including Sub-Accounts) are now marked as closed. This will ensure that there are no long sessions that span across bundles anymore.
  • Fixed Previous Data Session popup – the correct username listed on the widget will now display on the popup as well.
  • Updated the Customer Merge functionality to include smart switches to determine which data can be kept or removed, between the 2 customers to be merged.

Hotfix 3


  • Fixed issue for admin users within DataTill, they can now add topups – regardless if the Allow End User Topups setting is enabled/disabled.
  • Added a new setting to allow voucher regeneration for failed Payfast hotspot vouchers.
  • Added a button to Clear Old Connections under the Devices > Wireless Connections menu.

Hotfix 4


  • Fixed speed and performance issues experienced when manually and auto importing VoIP files.
  • Updated Age Analysis sync cron job to begin with newest customers instead of oldest. This will allow the cron to complete more efficiently within it’s set time window.
  •  Fixed Customer widgets that were displaying with duplicate border lines.
  • Fixed debug information that was incorrectly displayed on the Helpdesk Setup menu.
  • Fixed Notifications for Soft and Hard Capped users – an email and SMS will be sent out when 100% usage has been reached.

Hotfix 5


  • Added a new setting to ignore shceduled package changes in the current month’s billing run. This setting is disabled by default – meaning that scheduled package changes will not be ignored, but rather included in the current month’s billing run.
  • Fixed the issue where the Old Data Package column was not populating correctly on Data Package Changes
  • Improved the Database Tools menu to reduce the menu height to fit on smaller screens.
  • Fixed the page load issue for Lead Search to display all records (on page load).
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1.4.00 FUP Release

July 16, 2018

New Feature  

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

DataTill has now adopted the Fair Usage Policy on the system. The FUP concept was introduced to make sure that for those customers who are heavy users – don’t fill up the available bandwidth. This is to prevent making the overall experience bad for other users on the same network.

With the introduction of FUP, DataTill is able to handle speed and data limits in 3 different ways:

  • The Traditional Way – See guidelink here for more information.
  • FUP Speed Limiting – See guidelink here for more information.
  • FUP Speed Boosts – See guidelink here for more information.

It is important to note that all FUP limits are defined on the Data Product level, and applies to all Data Accounts linked to that product.

The official DataTill FUP guide can be found here (same link as above). Check out the DataTill FUP webinar by clicking on the YouTube icon below.

Big changes as a result of FUP.

Radius name change to Data.

The Radius menu within DataTill has now been renamed to Data.

Read the full blog here to see what other changes have been made to the Data menu within DataTill.

Bug Fixes  

  • The Days filter for the Debit Batch Details report has been fixed. The report will now filter according to the days selected.

  • A button has been added to the Customer Details menu under the Billing Widget – to request verification for customers who have the Default Pay Method set as Credit Card. An email is then sent to the customer to verify their credit card details.

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June 27, 2018

Payment Gateways  

New Features

  • PayU MEA and SnapScan have been added to DataTill as new Payment Gateways on the Customer Portal and when purchasing Vouchers.



  • DataTill has improved the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) billing module.
  • Users can now automatically import CDR files for Vodacom. PortaBilling auto import will be released in the next phase.
  • Manual Imports cater for Easttel, Generic, Vodacom, PortaBilling and Internet Solutions.
  • The VoIP billing module makes use of Trunks, Destinations, Phone Lines and RateCards to calculate the VoIP billing.
  • The VoIP user guides can be located here.



  • Users can now enable the setting to Sync Customers to Sage One/Accounting System under the Customer Groups menu.



  • The Data Package Summary Report now has a dropdown filter to view the data by All Radius Users or Exclude Cancelled Users.
  • A Search box has also been added to this report along with a new Total for Monthly Usage at the bottom of the report.



  • Users can now add the Mast Altitude and Mast Height on a Highsite. These values can in turn be viewed and edited on Network Devices on the new Mast Location tab when editing a Network Device.

Cancellations & Suspensions  

Bug Fixes

  • Users can now choose a Reseller Account and a Sub Account and approve the suspensions by clicking on the Suspension button at the top of the Accounts Workflow screen.



  • The Lead source field has now become a mandatory field on new Sales Leads.
  • More options have been included to the Lead Source dropdown list.
  • The Refer A Friend program now has an addition to it’s T’s&C’s. *Credits only issued to the full amount of your current billing in consecutive order should your friend choose a package that is above your recurring monthly bill.
  • With the previous addition of Public Links on Quote templates, when viewing the link a label now displays the Package relating to the quote. This can be viewed on Mobile Devices as well.

Mobile App  

New Features

  • Added the ability to change your password in  the app


New Features

  • This feature will allow you to set whether ratings should create tickets, which when enabled the rating threshold can be set as well as which user should get the tickets in and out of office hours



  • When importing Invoices & Credit Notes, the VAT rate will be applied based on the Default Tax Rates setup within DataTill. The only exception would be if an adjustment is noted as 0% VAT.

Bug Fixes

  • The Billing Statistics page now displays the data correctly according to the date range selected.


Bug Fixes

  • Users will no longer receive a duplication verification email when their login is setup to use Two Factor Authentication.
  • The Audit Trail button under the Setup menu for the Company Name has been fixed. All changes made to the Company Name are now correctly recorded.


  • The Toggle buttons found under the Setup menu have been fixed where there was an overlap with the Audit Trail buttons.
  • The alignment for the Audit Trail buttons have been corrected on the Sales Setup page.
  • The Audit Trail buttons now appear under the Notification setup for SMS Gateway.
  • The Audit Trail buttons have also been added to the Welcome Email setup for all fields.
  • The DataTill Self Installation Setup page now has mandatory fields to be completed in order to submit a licence request.
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June 15, 2018


Bug Fixes

  • The Quantity field on Quotes, Invoices, Job Cards and Credit Notes has been fixed to no longer limit the amount to 999.99. Users can now enter Quantity amounts exceeding 999.99.
  • Invoices  and Quotes that are cloned will now default to the current date enabled VAT type, i.e 15% VAT.
  • When importing Invoices the VAT type will no longer be overridden from the Excel source. It will be imported as is from the import file.


  • The billing run confirmation pop-up has been updated. The user is made aware of all the items within the specified date range, that will be included in the billing run.



  • The Toggle buttons on the Sales Setup menu have been aligned to have consistency throughout the page.


New Features

  • A widget has been added on the Customer Details page to view referral balances accumalated from the Refer a Friend promotion.


  • Users can now set a zero discount amount to be used on the Refer a Friend promotion. No credit notes will then be issues to the referred and referrer party. It is important to note this on your Refer a Friend disclaimer and email settings.
  • The Refer a Friend related credit notes will now be issued via a different cron job, for ease of processing.


Bug Fixes

  • The cron job has been fixed to include a date enabled setting for Cancellation Resets. This cron job prevents previous customer expiries (that were processed before the Cancellation module was released) from being reset from the specified date.
  • It is vitally important that you read the full blog here in order to ensure that your DataTill has been configured correctly and that users are aware of the new setting applied. Read the full blog here.


New Features

  • Users now have the ability to disconnect all radius sessions on a specific NAS device.
  • A new button has been added to the NAS list menu, allowing users (with the device_write permission) to bulk disconnect radius sessions across all linked NAS devices.
  • A screen has been added to show Radius Disconnect Requests. This screen shows all disconnect requests done by both FreeRadius and DataTill (and can by used to troubleshoot failed disconnect requests.)

Bug Fixes

  • FreeRadius will now be able to disconnect ALL OpenServer radius sessions.
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June 1, 2018

New Features  

  • Exciting new features coming soon… be on the lookout for version 1.3.05!


Version Updates
  • A popup has been added to show releases notes on version releases.
  • This popup will appear for every admin user the next time they load a page after the system has been updated.
  • Once the user clicks “OK” the system will remember their acknowledgement of the release notes and will not show the popup again (until the next upgrade).

Contract Improvements
  • The Customer Contract has been reorganized to have less unused space in between pages. Each section is grouped together on the relevant pages as opposed to running over into the next section.
  • Text and headers have been resized to fit the page.
  • Debit order mandate is now on one page only.
  • Lines have been added to the Internet Service Application page to make filling in the document easier.
Quotes and Online Applications
  • Users can now link a specific quote document template to the Online Application process. A public unique link that will be available to share/copy and paste.
Speed Test
  • The blog has been updated regarding how the speed test functionality works. Read more.
  • On the Radius Nas List menu, two new fields have been added to indicate whether a NAS has also been added as a network device.
Data Protection
  • The email text for the Subject Access Request for Data has been amended with new wording.
  • The Audit Trail for Radius User Accounts has been updated to include logs when a radius cancellation is reset, unblocked, cancellation date cleared and when the Auth Type has been rejected.
  • On the Accounts Workflow menu the Show/Hide Columns have been updated to include columns for when a Radius account has been blocked and Auth Type is rejected.
  • On the Radius List of Users the Show/Hide Columns have also been updated to include columns for when a Radius account has been blocked and Auth Type is rejected.
  • Read the blog here.
  • The grammar has been corrected on the confirmation popup when attempting to delete a customer.
  • The styling and sentence construction have been improved for the Refer A Friend popup and email text sent to potential new customers.
  • Users can now choose to display the Radius Packages either by their Product Code, Product Title or a combination of both.

Mobile App  
  • The IOS and Android version 1.1.1 update is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.
  • The Settings tab has now been renamed to “More”. It is the last tab on the menu list at the top.
  • The Top Up section has now been moved to the “More” tab.
  • Under the Usage Tab users can now see Package details and a Top Up shortcut button has also been added here.
  • The previous Top Up tab has now been changed to “Messages”. This tab will display all push notifications received. These push notifications are context aware meaning that when the user clicks on the message, the user will be redirected to the relevant feature in the app. For example a push notification is received regarding an update on a helpdesk ticket > user clicks on the message and is redirected to the relevant helpdesk ticket to see the update.
  • Usage notifications, top up notifications and general notifications will appear under this “Messages” tab. Over time these messages will be removed/disappear from the list. The user cannot manually delete them.
  • Users can now enable two factor authentication on the login.
  • The About App section under the “More” tab now contains the User Guide, DataTill Website shortcut and the Privacy Policy.
  • Read the full blog here.


Bug Fixes  

Data Protection
  • When a user has read only access to the Subject Access Request functionality, the bug has been fixed where clicking Send Message did not respond.
Suspensions & Cancellations
  • All instances of the words “Expiry/Expired/ Expiration” have been renamed to “Cancel/Cancelled/Cancellation” within the customer portal and emails sent to customers.
  • The Email Notification setting for Cancellations and Suspensions has now been split into two separate settings. Read the blog here.
  • When attempting to set same day cancellations, the validation text has been corrected to state that this action cannot be processed. A future date is required to complete the action.
  • On the customer portal when navigating via the email link to approve a cancellation request – the issue where the reason dropdown could not be accessed has been fixed.
Mailbox Scrapers
  • The Mailbox rules regarding matching will now override the settings on the Mailbox Scraper Setup.
Refer A Friend
  • A cron job has been added to correctly issue credit notes for the referrer and the referee.
Top Ups and Pre-Paid Vouchers
  • Top Ups added via the customer portal should no longer pend the submission. The action will now process to completion.
  • Pre-Paid Vouchers no longer fail with an error. The action will now process to completion.


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May 24, 2018

New Features  

  • An Audit Trail button has been added to each field within the entire Setup menu. The history will now be tracked and available for viewing per field.

  • DataTill now has the ability to transfer data from one radius account to another, in accordance with new ICASA legislation.
  • Users now have the ability to apply global notification thresholds to all customer accounts, again in accordance with new ICASA legislation.
  • A feature has been added to determine how network blocking will occur for suspended customer accounts. Three modes are supported: Hard Block, IP Pool and Router Address List.
  • Users are now able to set the limit for time of day when suspension notifications are sent out.


  • Maintenance Cron job now includes deleting temporary files older than 7 days.
  • Maintenance Cron job now includes deleting file keys which have been expired for over 90 days.
  • Viewing or downloading of files by admin users is now audited.
  • The audit information of users who upload files to the Compliance widget is now recorded.

Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed bug where Highsite Map was not displaying under certain cirumstances.
  • Fixed bug where phone numbers with lengths over 10 digits did not pull through to popup’s when sending messages.
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May 21, 2018

New Features  

Mobile app
  • We are pleased to announce that the DataTill Mobile app has been released. It is available for download on the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.                                     
  • Click here to read more on the Mobile App functionality/features.
Suspensions and Cancellations
  • Users can now queue a bulk list of customers for suspension. This includes bulk queueing for all sub accounts linked to master accounts. Read more.
Data Protection
  • We have updated the DataTill User Licence Agreement to reflect the latest compliance with the GDPR and POPI legislative acts. Existing users will be prompted to accept this agreement’s terms and conditions upon their next login (on the latest version of DataTill v1.3.03). Please note if the agreement is not accepted then users will not be able to access DataTill.
  •  The Data Protection module has been introduced to accommodate the above mentioned legislative acts. Please click here to read more on this module.
  • This module will allow users to request a zip folder containing a history of customer data/information provided to DataTill. This information is protected by a verification process.
  • This Data Protection module can be accessed once the relevant permissions have been enabled. This module can also be controlled per user to be permission specific to certain functions.
  • Users can now opt for the “Right To Be Forgotten”. This setting will anonymise their information provided to DataTill and is an irreversable action.
  • Users will now also be able to customise Data Retention settings within DataTill.
  • Users can now perform speed tests from the portal – this functionality is also available on the mobile app. Read more.
  • Not end user related – PHP parameter check screen has now been added.
  • Users can now apply a setting to  force specific hyperlinks to open within the same window.  Read More here.
  • Mass Customer ID password reset tool is now available. Read more.


Data Protection
  • The Copy to Clipboard and Copy to Excel buttons have now been updated to be permission specific on the Customer List menu and the Customers with no banking details Exception Report.
Suspensions and Cancellations
  • Users are now able to view a cancellation flag/status per customer on the Accounts Workflow > Suspension menu.
  • The disable functionality has now been consolidated with the Cancellation module/functionality.
  • Customers that have been cancelled will now be unsubscribed from notifications.
  • A date stamp has been added to the Note field on the Accounts Workflow > Suspension menu. The Note field has also been capped at 200 characters. Users can also now clear/delete a note.
  • Suspension emails/SMS’s/notifications to customers will now be sent at 8:00 am in the morning as opposed to midnight.
  • The Suspensions button on Accounts Workflow > Suspension menu has been recoloured and a tooltip has been added.
  • Read the full blog here on Suspensions & Cancellations – New Features and Improvements.
  • Backup files now exclude auto-generated files for speed improvement.


  • A Cron job has now been added to run at set intervals in order to calculate reseller commission.
  • Direct debit batch month end processing bug has been fixed. Read more here on the updated functionality.
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May 4, 2018

New Features  

  • Users can now upload multiple Compliance related documents.
  • Users can now permanently delete Compliance related documents.

  • When viewing or downloading an attachment for Compliance Documents, it will be opened in a new browsing tab.
  • A time and date stamp has been added per document to Compliance related uploads.
  • Read more on the Compliance Module here.
  • Users can now upload PDF documents for Highsites.
  • Added Radius Session Diagnostics Screen to troubleshoot radius sessions that have issues. Read more.



  • When merging customers their respective Compliance Documents will also merge successfully.
  • All PDF sizes can now be uploaded.
  • Developer related and not end user related – Added migration support for PHP 5.3.
  • When adding a NAS IP Address any blank spaces will now automatically be trimmed when saving changes.
  • Consolidated Suspension and Cancellation approval menus to Accounts Workflow.
  • Added customer payment method to the Suspensions table.
  • Added Labels and Note field to the Suspension tab on the Customer edit popup screen.
  • Added Labels and Note columns to the Suspensions table.
  • Read the full blog here for all the improvements to the Suspension and Cancellation Module.
  • Improvements to the DataTill System Licence expiry.


  • The correct thumbnail has been added to the Customer Attachment interface. 
  • Users may no longer add Mailbox Processing Rules with invalid matches. Read more.
  • When adding a NAS IP Address any blank spaces will now automatically be trimmed when saving changes.
  • Customer Suspension enable and disable settings save correctly now.
  • The visibility of Compliance Documents is now dependant on the Compliance Debugging setting and no longer the Sales Lead setting.
  • A Cron has been added for the Commission Calculation on Recurring and Non-Recurring Invoices.
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April 23, 2018

New Features  

  • Users can now attach the following file types on Helpdesk Tickets: Excel, Word, zip files, AAC audio files and txt file types.
  • When a user gives a 4 or 5 star rating for the first time, they will be directed to the Refer a Friend pop up. Read more on how to set up this feature here.


  • Users can now search for a Radius User Account by the email address.
  • Added support for custom Mikrotik API port number
  • Added auto archiving of messages sent to customers after 30 days. See the blog here


  • When scrolling left or right on the Lead to Receipts menu the header remains static.
  • Customer Group Suspension settings will now pull through to its linked customers.
  • The functionality to suspend a Customer Account from the Billing tab (when editing a customer) has been consolidated. This functionality has been improved to be set either on a Customer Grouping level or a Global System Level. Refer to the diagram below and see the blog here.

  • Online Applications have been removed from the Sales menu option.


  • Bug Fix – Users can now successfully create a mailbox scraping rule from the Mailbox Processing Logic menu.
  • Bug Fix – Validation has now been added for existing users with invalid contact numbers (on Customer and Sales Lead menu).
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April 15, 2018

New Features  

  • List of Customers can now be accessed from the Reseller portal. View the Reseller Module here.

  • New Reseller Report available for Unpaid Commissions. View the Reseller Module here. 
  • Users can now add attachments to Helpdesk Notifications.



  • Customer Expiry has now been renamed to Customer Cancellations. View the Cancellation Module blog here. 
  • Users can now add a Physical Address on Radius Accounts. View the blog here.
  • A warning has now been on customer creation to notify users when a primary email address/ phone number/ mobile phone number already exists. View the blog here.



  • Fixed bug related to jobcard PDF’s.
  • Various Minor Cosmetic Bug fixes.
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April 6, 2018

  • Added the ability to customise the Welcome Message when customer is created
  • Added a new filter on helpdesk ticket list screen to include or exclude unassigned ticket. blog: Unassigned Ticket Filter

See the  for more

  • Added two additional checks on release notes to scan mysql & apache performance tuning settings
  • Added compliance functionality (RICA) to the sales lead process (Beta). blog: Compliance Step in Sales Workflow

  • Added support for Ubiquiti devices with firmware of v8.5+
  • Improved file attachment handling throughout the system
  • Improved helpdesk ticket priority & escalation functionality. Guide: Helpdesk Manual
  • Fixed bug that caused public links on feature requests to change
  • Fixed bug relating to updating customer info from the customer portal
  • Various cosmetic improvements & minor bug fixes
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March 20, 2018

  • Important VAT Changes. Blog: 15% Vat Change In SageOne SA and Datatill
    • The VAT changes are important whether you use the Billing Module and SageOne or if you do not. As billing runs and product prices are affected please see the document VAT Changes – What to Do which should be read together with the blog, for how to make those changes.
  • Added ability for Credit Notes to take into account which Vat rate was in affect at the date of the invoice.
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect usage date on the customer edit page
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March 13, 2018

  • Added ability to customise the SMS topup string appended to outbound usage SMS messages. Blog: How To Customize The SMS Topup String
  • Fixed cosmetic display issue on customer usage graphs
  • Various feature request submission improvements
  • Various file upload & viewing improvements
  • Various bug fixes
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February 19, 2018

  • Added support for Cell-C LTE
  • Added IS LTE billing summary screen
  • Added several helpdesk related API calls
  • Various helpdesk ticket improvements
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February 9, 2018

  • Fixed issue preventing some radius accounts form being deleted
  • Added a feature to undelete LTE accounts
  • Various helpdesk escalation improvements
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January 31, 2018

  • Added various checks before a customer or radius account can be deleted
  • Added ability to detect and eliminate duplicate SMS message queuing
  • Added ability to migrate a radius account to a sub customer account
  • Added various sales & operational statistic reports
  • Added reason field to helpdesk tickets as well as a summary screen. Blog: Tickets Now Have A Reason Field

  • Added realtime traffic view to customer edit active sessions and network device interfaces
  • Added helpdesk ticket priority improvements
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
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January 23, 2018

  • Added ability to better define ticket escalation per department / category
  • Added complex ticket priority settings
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January 15, 2018

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January 4, 2018

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December 8, 2017

  • Added customer suspension & expiry improvements. Guide: Account Suspensions
  • Added initial reseller functionality. Guide: Reseller guide.
  • Various refer a friend improvements. Guide: Refer a friend
  • Added ability to export customer locations as part of highsite KMZ file
  • Various sales lead improvements. Guide: Lead to Receipt: Sales Leads
  • Fixed a bug causing duplicate radius usage entries to show in usage view screen
  • Various bug fixes
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November 27, 2017

  • Added checklists to site surveys
  • Added site survey jobcards
  • Added better detection of mysqldump errors during backup process
  • Various bug fixes
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October 31, 2017

  • Added ability to define custom invoice & quote messages per product
  • Added ownership flag to asset register items
  • Fixed a bug sometimes preventing IP Pools with no realm from allocation IPs. Guide: DataTill IP Pools Guide
  • Fixed customer select on location screen when customer titles contains non html friendly characters
  • Fixed duration calculation on active session widget
  • Fixed network map not loading if no gateway device found
  • Improved network device sector station display
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October 23, 2017

  • Added ability to define IP pools per router (static & auto), and to then select these on radius user accounts
  • Added ability to generate quick quotes directly from the edit customer screen
  • Added radius linking to data contracts & show contract expiry dates on customer & radius expiry settings
  • Added ability to clone admin user accounts
  • Various IP accounting improvements. Guide: IP Accounting Guide
  • Fixed LTE balance & topup display summary
  • Fixed issue when not all accounts were included on the customer transaction statement
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