8.1 How to push Documents to SageOne:



If you are not able to see an orange button in the red section, this means that you do not have the required access to push this document type to Sage One.  In other words, your financial manager will have to push this document to Sage One as his way of approving the credit note, adjustment of write-off.  


On this screen, you can see a list of all documents that need to be pushed through to Sage One.  The buttons in the blue section indicate that the documents are in draft mode and still need to be pushed to Sage One.  The buttons in the green section indicate that the documents have already been pushed to Sage One and that the customer has received a copy of this document.



Blue button:  The blue button gives you the option to still edit the invoice – should anything be changed or added.
Orange Button: This button allows you to push the document through to Sage One.  The customer will receive a copy of the document.
Red Button: This button allows you to delete the document i.e. an invoice or credit note that was create in error.
Black Button: The black button will take you to the customer’s profile.  

Once you have clicked on the orange button, a pop-up screen will appear asking if you are “sure you want to generate a Sage One invoice?”.  If you are sure, click on the “Generate” button.  Please note that the members in the the accounts team will only be able to push invoices to sage one.  Credit notes, adjustments and write-off’s can only be pushed to Sage One by your financial manager.


If there are quite a few documents that need to be pushed, you can click on the “Push All to Sage” button (financial managers only!). If you are unhappy with the invoices, you can click on the “Remove Invoices” button.  This will remove all invoices in draft status, but leave all invoices that have already been pushed to Sage One.



As soon as you click on the “Push All to Sage button, a pop-up screen will appear giving you the choice of which invoices you want to push to Sage One.  This is a useful function for in-house monitoring to ensure that customers are billed correctly.  If you are happy with all the invoices, choose the All button and then Push the invoices to Sage.  Alternatively, once you are happy with the billing for each payment type, you can push that type to Sage One and go onto the next payment type. 



Once you’ve clicked on the Push Now button, a pop-up screen will indicate that the invoices are being processed. 


As soon as the processing of the invoices have completed, you will receive a pop-up notification (Invoice push complete) showing the details of each invoice.