1. Create Helpdesk Departments
  2. Create Ticket categories
  3. Link Categories to Helpdesk departments
  4. Add a department user’s
  5. Set Helpdesk Ticket Priorities.
  6. Setup
  7. Helpdesk Notification Setup



First create departments, ticket categories etc. before configuring the Helpdesk Notifications and Mailbox

1. Create Helpdesk Departments



  • Create the main departments of your business using the “+ Add Department” button (note that each department has its own ticket categories, which we will create in the next step.
  • Departments can be edited and deleted once created.
  • Some Recommended departments to have: Accounts, Operations, Highsites, Sales, Stock, Tech Support

2. Create Ticket categories



  • Got to ISP workflow->Helpdesk->Setup->Ticket Categories
  • Add the necessary Categories for your various helpdesk departments. Note that ticket categories are linked to the Helpdesk
  • You may not have 2 categories of the same name. For example, if you wanted all your departments to have an “other” category you would have to do it as follows (“Sales Other”, “Support Other”,etc.)
  • Creating a subcategory of Ticket categories is not advised as the feature is still under development and the client cannot select any sub-categories.
  • Once a ticket category has a ticket assigned to it, it can no longer be deleted.
  • “Admin only entry” means that only users (staff not clients) will be able to see the category.



3. Link Categories to Helpdesk departments.



  • Go to Help Desk department and click the edit category icon of a department that you would like to link ticket category’s too.
  • Under Linker Categories, select the Ticket category that you would like to add and click on the add button and then click update.

4. Add a department user’s


  • In this step users are added to departments, so that tickets can be assigned to users and subsequently dealt with.
  • Got to ISP workflow->Helpdesk->Setup->Helpdesk Department.
  • Edit the department that you would like to add users to
  • Assign Users to their corresponding Departments
  • A department Supervisor will be notified when Tickets have not been resolved after the Overdue Timeout Has been reached

5. Set Helpdesk Ticket Priorities.




  • Got to ISP workflow->Helpdesk->Setup-Ticket Priorities
  • Below is suggestion for Ticket Priorities
    • Title= “Critical”, Overdue Timeout = 30 min, Repeat Overdue alerts= YES, Admin only = YES
    • Title= “High”, Overdue Timeout = 1h, Repeat Overdue alerts= Yes
    • Title= “Normal”, Overdue Timeout = 6 h
    • Title= “Low”, Overdue Timeout = 12h
  • Click on “+ Add Priority” to add a Priority


Helpdesk Setup

Here it is possible to enable the helpdesk and configure the Helpdesk Mailboxes Go to Setup->Helpdesk Helpdesk Setup

Add Mailbox

This is the mailbox that clients will able to email. When an email is sent to these mailboxes a ticket will automatically be created. Helpdesk Add MailBox


Helpdesk Notification Setup

Go to Setup->Notificaton Enable Helpdesk Ticket Notifications. This will inform the client of any changes made to the ticket. It will also send the client a notification that they have create a ticket and give them details about the ticket they have created. Helpdesk Notification Setup