How to configure the DataTill asset register module

  1. Setup
  2. Asset Register
  3. Asset Movement
  4. Asset Details



Locations, Suppliers, Manufactures, Asset Groups, Asset Groups and Asset Types need to be configured before assets can be added.


This is a list of all the locations for: stock, customers, installations, highsites and any other locations you would like to add.

Add Location

This is where you can add new locations. Note that Google Maps can be used to pin-point the exact location with coordinates.


This is a list of all the suppliers that you currently have.

Add Suppliers


Add Manufactures

Asset Groups

Add Asset Groups

Asset Types

Add Asset Types

Asset Register

This is where all the assets are controlled.

Add Asset

Asset Movement

This a summary of all the location changes of the assets.

Asset Details

More details about the asset such as movement history.