Q: Is there an online demo available for DataTill?

A: Yes. See our sign up guide for information about our online demo as well as information on how to get an onsite installation of DataTill with one free month. Sign up guide

Q: Can I see an overview of the system?

A: Visit our Youtube channel for system overviews and demos: DataTill on Youtube

You can view the features page to see all the features available in DataTill: Features

View screenshots of the system: Screenshots

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to email us at info@datatill.com.

Q: How does the pricing work for the different editions?

A: DataTill Editions: (Based on number of customers you want to manage on the system.)

See the full list, extra modules and pricing on our website: http://datatill.com/pricing/

● Light Edition (Between 1 and 75 customers; 1 – 75 radius users; 1 – 10 hotspots)

● Standard Edition (Between 76 and 250 customers; 76 – 250 radius users; 11 – 50 hotspots)

● Professional Edition (Between 251 and 750 customers; 251 – 750 radius users; 51 -150 hotspots)

● Enterprise Edition (Between 751 and 2500 customers; 751 – 2500 radius users; 151 – 500 hotspots)


On top of the edition, you can choose optional add-ons such as the Sales and Billing modules. These modules have monthly subscriptions.

Please note that using the DataTill software, you need to have a signed software license agreement with DataTill.

Download your software license agreement here: Software License Agreement PDF

Basic support is included.

Services such as additional support and training is in our service level agreement.

Q: Can we install an operating system other than Ubuntu 14.04?

A: The DataTill installation and license has only been configured to work on Ubuntu 14.04.5.

System requirements for a DataTill installation: System requirements

Direct link to download Ubuntu 14.04: http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/

Q: The server's RAM usage is high, do I need to add more RAM?

A: Linux may be borrowing unused memory for disk caching. This makes it looks like you are low on memory even if you are not: https://www.linuxatemyram.com/


Make sure your system complies to the minimum hardware requirements. If you have more than 500 customers and or users on your system, you may need to increase your drive and RAM accordingly. See: System Requirements

Go to Tools, Server Info, Sever Performance to view all stats of you server from within DataTill.

Q: Can we use Ubiquity devices instead of MikroTik devices?

A: Yes, but in some cases MikroTik devices will be required.

● For hotspots and NAS you would need MikroTik devices.

● Wireless sectors can use MikroTik and Ubiquiti wireless.

● Access points can be any router.

Some functionality will be impaired if not using MikroTik devices, such as: in address lists, ip accounting, device authentication modes.

Q: Do you offer Sage One and Sage Pay support?

A: We only offer limited Sage One and Sage Pay support. Please call Sage One for support on Sage One itself.

Q: Can I backdate recurring billing entries?

A: No.

When adding a new recurring billing entry, the start date will be seen as the first next date in the recurring billing entries screen. The next dates is the dates that should fall in your billing range when doing a month end billing run. The start date/ next date should not be backdated, as it will not fall in the billing range then.

Next dates roll over as soon as they have been included in a billing run. (Month end processing)

Next dates cannot roll over if they have not been picked up in a billing run.


You can see the Next Dates on the Recurring Billing Entries screen: yourinstance/accounting/recurring

How to complete the month end billing run: http://www.datatill.com/guides/user-manual/complete-month-end-billing-run-datatill/

Q: How do I do my first billing run?


After all your customers, products, radius services and Sage One integration have been set up and you are ready to invoice your customers, you can follow these steps:

First, make sure all your billing setup is correct and the opening balances from your customers are added as adjustments on the customer’s accounts. (If you moved from another system.)

Billing setup guide: http://www.datatill.com/guides/billing/


Then add recurring billing entries (recurring invoices) to the customers on the customer edit screen (customer profile) by adding data packages, data contracts, or by adding recurring billing directly.

Make sure the start dates for recurring billing entries is current dates and not backdated.


Now you are ready to do your billing run, by going to the Billing menu, then click on “Month-end Processing”.

See our guide on how to complete the month end billing run: http://www.datatill.com/guides/user-manual/complete-month-end-billing-run-datatill/