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DataTill enables its users to use any one of the following card vendors:


To be able to use any one of these card vendors with your DataTill, you need to ensure that you have a merchant account with them.  To do this, you can visit the relevant card vendor’s website and sign up with them.  PayU has two different gateways that you can sign up for.  If you would like to integrate PayU with DataTill, you will need to choose the redirect-gateway and not the enterprise gateway. 


Please note that walled garden entries have been added for the new payment gateways.  It is the responsibility of each ISP to ensure that the hotspot routers are updated with these settings. 


Click here to view the VCS setup guide: VCS Setup Guide

1.  Linking the payment gateway(s) to your DataTill


By linking your credit card vendors to your DataTill, you will enable your customers to do once-off payments for specific invoices.  This works on the same concept as online shopping.  Customers will either be able to do the payment form their online

portal or the ISP will be able to send the customer an email with an online payment link.  


To link a payment gateway to your DataTill, go to “Setup” –  “System Settings” and then click on the “Payment Gateways” option. 









Look for the relevant vendor, switch the toggle button to “ON” and then add the details.  Each one of the different credit card vendors will have diffrent details thatneed to be completed. 



Remember to click on the “Update” button after making any changes.  


2.  Recurring credit card payments


For customers who want to pay their recurring invoice via credit card, you will need to ensure that you have a merchant account with VCS (Virtual Card Services).  You will also need to set the customer’s default payment method to credit card and send the customer the credit card verification email.  


2.1.  Setting the customer’s payment method


To set the customer’s payment method to credit card, you will need to go to the customer’s profile.  Click on the “Edit” button in the “Billing Details” section.







On the pop-up screen, change the “Default Pay Method” to credit card.  In the purple section, you will be able to see whether the customer has verified their credit or not.  If not, click on the “Request Verification Now” button.  After you have sent the request, click on the”Save Changes” button to save any changes made. 












Customers will also be able to requests that their payment method is changed through their online portal or submit credit card as their default payment method when completing the original sales lead. 


2.2.  Verifying the customer’s credit card


If you are planning on doing monthly credit card batches, you will need to ensure that the customer’s who have chosen their payment method has verified their credit cards.  This is a crucial step and if not done, the customer will not be included in the monthly credit card batch.  For security reasons, all customers will need to verify their own credit cards. 


You can send the credit card verification email from two different places within DataTill. 

  • When setting the default payment method (for more information on how to set the customer’s payment method, please refer to section 2.1.)
  • From the Customer with unverified credit card report (please see section 2.3.)


2.3.  Exception Report


Video:  Exception Reports


In the exception report, you will be able to see more information on whether the customer has verified their credit card asa well as when their credit card is expiring.  You will also be able to sen the credit card verification email from this page to one or multiple customers.  You can find this report by going to “Billing” – “Exception Reportsand then clicking on the “Customers with unverified credit cards” option. 














Once the page has loaded, you will see a list of customers with verified and unverified credit cards. 




Light Blue: In this section, you will be able to filter the list i.e. a list of all unverified credit cards.
Orange: This button will allow you to send an email out to multiple customers who still need to verify their credit cards. 

If you only want to send the credit card verification email to one customer, find the customer in this list and then click on the blue envelope next to the customer’s name.

Dark Blue: Here, you will be able to see the customer information.
Green: This field will show you the customer’s credit card status.  This status can be:

  • Verified
  • Unverified
  • Requested
Purple: In this section, you will be able to see when the customer’s credit card will expire.


2.4.  Credit Card batches


To process the credit card batches for your customers, you can go to “Billing” and then click on the “Credit Card Batches” option.












On the screen, you will see a list of invoices due and payable by credit card.  You will also be able to filter this list, process selected invoices or process single invoices.  



3.  Support


If you have any problems or questions on how to link your payment gateways with your DataTill, please do now hesitate to contact our support team. 


For any other queries relating to failed credit card verifications, pending payments, payment allocations or if your struggling to process payments etc. please contact your relevant vendor.

3.1.  Vendor contact details: