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Customer Line Max: (Phase 1)

Viewing Real-time line utilization

A graph which shows line utilization in real time. This uses the Mikrotik API to connect to the NAS router where the line is connected and draw connection stats roughly every second.

Administrators are be given the ability to see real-time traffic utilization in a number of places across the system, including for radius sessions as well as for specific Mikrotik device interfaces.

1. Radius sessions
On the Edit Customer screen -> active sessions widget, a live graph can be opened for a specific session.
On Radius -> Active Sessions list screen, the graph will open in a popup.

2. Network Device Interfaces
An inline view of real-time utilization of the selected interface.

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How To Do Bulk Pricing Changes

The ability to do bulk pricing changes has been added with the release of VAT 15% changes. Blog: 15% VAT change in Sage One (SA) and DataTill


Bulk price updates can be used to increase or decrease pricing of products

On the ‘Bulk Pricing Changes’ screen, you can increase or decrease pricing with a percentage.

  • To increase prices, put a positive value in the percentage field. (“Increase VAT Incl Amount By”)
  • To decrease prices, put a negative value in the percentage field. (“Increase VAT Incl Amount By”)


Bulk price adjustment tabs

Product pricing has been divided into groups and is shown in various tabs on the bulk pricing changes screen.


Data Products: Updates prices in this screen: http://YOUR_SITE/products/bandwidth

Data Topups: Updates prices in this screen: http://YOUR_SITE/products/topups

Custom Radius Subscription Pricing: Updates prices in this screen: http://YOUR_SITE/radius/users – Pricing Details tab, IF custom pricing is selected for monthly pricing field

Custom Radius Topup Pricing: Updates prices in this screen: http://YOUR_SITE/radius/users – Pricing Details tab, IF custom pricing is selected for topup pricing field

*Non-Data Products: Updates prices in this screen: http://YOUR_SITE/accounting/products

*Other Recurring Billing: Updates prices in this screen: http://YOUR_SITE/accounting/recurring (Updates for recurring billing entries that uses non data products. Recurring entries pulls prices the first time from products, but then it is editable and will not sync again with original product price. Custom pricing allowed.)

Hotspot Products: Updates prices in this screen: http://YOUR_SITE/products/hotspots


How to do a bulk price change:

Go to: Billing, Billing Setup, Bulk Price adjustments

Select the tab where you want to make the price changes on. If you want to make changes to multiple prices across the system, you will need to



Scenario: If, after the 1% VAT increase in SA, you want to absorb the 1% in your VAT excluding pricing. Then no bulk pricing changes is needed.


Scenario: If, after the 1% VAT increase in SA, you want to not absorb the 1% in your VAT excluding pricing and would rather increase your VAT Inclusive pricing.

Increase the VAT including amount by 0.877192982456143 % if you want the VAT excluding price to stay the same as before (example, the price that it was when VAT was 14%) and only increase the VAT including price. Select no rounding option in the “Round Final Amount” field if you want an exact 1% increase.

Any other amounts and rounding can be selected.

Round Final Amount: No Rounding, Nearest R1, Nearest R10, Nearest R10, Nearest R100, Nearest R1000

Product Groups can be chosen to limit the products being updated. When no groups are chosen, all products will get updated according to the product tab you are on. (For example: clicking update on the Data Products tab, will only update data products in the system.)


If the product’s VAT excluding price is R100 and the VAT is 14%, the VAT including price is R114

If you want the VAT including price to be R115 now when VAT is 15%, then the VAT including price must be increased by 0.877192982456143 % to get the VAT excluding price R100 again.


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Added Address On Radius Account

In version 1.3.00 we have added an address section for each radius user account.

If the radius user’s address is the same as the physical address on the customer edit screen, then no changes needs to be made. By default all radius user accounts pulls the customer’s physical address as the radius account address.

If the radius user’s address differs from the customer’s physical address, then it is now possible to update the address for the radius user account.

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Sending Customer Contracts (Beta)



In version 1.21.18, we added the ability to send contracts from DataTill.  This is currently still in the beta testing phase. 


This contract function is a part of the new compliance module that is being developed.  This will allow the WISP to send the contract to the customer – this will be done from the customer profile.  This contract will contain all the customer’s current information, their recurring billing (a requirement to send the contract), as well as the WISP’s terms and conditions.  The customer will need to confirm these details and sign the contract and can then be uploaded to their customer profile in the compliance documents section.  

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Added Compliance Step In Lead To Receipt Workflow (Beta)



In version 1.21.18 we have added a compliance step.  The purpose of this step is to ensure that the WISP collects and process all required documentation to RICA the customer.  this includes documentation such as proof of address and ID documents.  Currently, this step is not compulsory.  When the compliance step is enabled, you will be able to find it in the Lead to Receipt workflow under the customer section.  If there is any information missing, you will always be able to add this to the customer profile (customer edit screen) in the compliance document section.  

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Added An ‘Unassigned Tickets’ Filter To The Helpdesk Ticket List

In version v1.21.09, a few changes has been made to the default ticket list view of the helpdesk. See blog: Changes To Helpdesk Ticket Default List View

With these changes all users will see unassigned tickets (tickets not owned and not assigned to anyone) as well, otherwise no one will ever see those tickets. Filter by your own helpdesk department to see only unassigned tickets in your department.

After these changes a need came to add an unassigned filter to the ticket list too.

In version 1.21.18 a new filter has been added on the helpdesk ticket list screen to include or exclude unassigned tickets.

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15% VAT change in Sage One (SA) and DataTill

From 1 April 2018, South Africa’s VAT should be increased from 14% to 15%.

According to the ‘Time of Supply’ rules stipulated in Section 9 of the VAT Act, transactions that occur on or after 1 April will be subject to the new 15% rate. Any purchases that are completed before 1 April but refunded after 1 April, should be refunded at the 14% rate, which should be reflected in the credit note. For contracts that came into effect before 1 April but will continue after 1 April, an apportionment must be applied.

The correct VAT to apply will be the one that’s in place on the date the invoice was issued or when payment is received – whichever happens first. For example, if you invoice for a sale on 31 March but are only paid on 2 April, the VAT rate of 14% will apply. If you receive payment on 1 April but have not yet invoiced, then VAT should be charged at 15%.

Source: http://www.sage.com/za/newsroom/sage-south-africa/2018/03/sage-streamlines-compliance-with-new-vat-rate


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Automatic Escalations On Help-Desk Tickets (Beta)

Automatic escalations on help-desk tickets have been added in version 1.21.12.

Various improvements on the automatic escalation feature has been added in version 1.21.14.

Escalation rules are executed based on the department and category a ticket is currently in.

Automatic escalating tickets are especially useful when there is a signed service level agreement between the customer and the company about how quick tickets needs to be sorted.


Add an escalation rule

Go to Workflow, Helpdesk, Setup, Escalation Rules

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How To Customize The SMS Topup String

A setting to customize the string to append to the usage SMS message as been added in version 1.21.16.

Go to Setup, Notification and you are able to edit the SMS suffix.

“Enable Customer Topups via SMS Reply” must be on for customer replies on SMS messages to trigger a topup on their account.

This SMS topup reply suffix is added to usage SMS notifications. Data usage notifications must be on for these SMSs to be sent out.

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Added Labels To Billing Documents & Products

In v. 1.21.16, labels have been added to billing documents and products.

Billing documents refers to invoices, credit notes, adjustments and write offs in the Billing menu.

Labels can be added to data and non data products.

Go to Billing, Invoices, and edit an invoice to add labels:

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Added Debit Batch Drill-Down View

In version 1.21.16, a drill-down view for debit batches has been added.

Go to Billing, Debit Run Batches, Debit Batch Details.

When viewing debit batch details, you can now click on the details button to see more details of a specific debit batch. This will then show details about the invoices and a button to view the PDF document of each invoice.

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Added Compliance Step In Lead To Receipt (Beta)

A compliance step and its settings will be released in version 1.21.16.

Note that this is only the first phase of the compliance phase that is being released and it is still in beta testing.

It is recommended to turn it on only after beta testing has been completed.

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Added Outbound SMTP Settings To Settings Menu

We have added the ability to configure outbound smtp settings from the settings menu in v1.21.11.

Usually this was only configurable on the server itself.

Go to Setup –> System Settings –> Mail SMTP Settings

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Master And Sub Accounts

DataTill now has the functionality to keep track of Master accounts and their sub-accounts instead of just a normal customer account.  This is especially useful in cases where you have companies with a lot of branches that need to be linked to the main company profile or in cases where one company pays the bill for all their branches. This was released in version 1.21.08

This function is also to be used for the Reseller module which is yet to be released.

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OAuth 2 Compliant API

DataTill has added an OAuth 2 compliant API.

This API can be used for any third party integration.

There is a few customer, radius and helpdesk calls already available and we will add a few more API calls in the near future.

To view the new API, Got to Tools –> API

OR  yourinstance/api

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How To Do Multi-Column Ordering

All list views in DataTill can be ordered by its columns by clicking on the column. By clicking on an already ordered column, it will order ascending/descending again depending on the amount of times clicked.

How to do multi-column ordering:

You can click on a column and then shift click on a secondary, tertiary, etc. column to order by.

The sequence you click on the columns is the sequence the list will be ordered by.

The columns you want to order by does not have to by next to each other.

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View Real-Time Usage Graphs

On the “Active Data Sessions” widget on the customer edit screen (customer profile), you can now see the real-time usage graph for active radius users.

Click on the “Show Real-time usage graph” button on the widget:

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Added Ability To Disable Customer Notification On Ticket Closure

Now you can choose if you want to notify customer on ticket closure.

The ability to disable the notification to the customer on ticket closure has been added to v1.21.12

When you clicked on the close button on a ticket and the “Close Ticket” popup shows, you can set the value for “Notify the Customer?” to “No” if you do not want to notify the customer. The default value is “Yes”

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Tickets Now Have A Reason Field

Tickets now have a “Reason” field, to indicate what caused the ticket to be raised. This will assist in helpdesk ticket reporting.

Please note that the diagnosis field is similar than the reason field, but the reason field is a more restricted field to improve reporting.

This feature is part of the v1.21.13 release.

Go to Workflow –> Helpdesk Ticket List and edit a ticket

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