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New DataTill Support And Feature Request Forms

In your system’s help menu you can find all the latest DataTill user guides and setup guides.

The help menu is labeled as: (?)

You can also submit support or feature requests from your help menu to the DataTill team.

The new support and feature request menu items are available on your system from v1.21.11

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How To Merge Helpdesk Tickets

The helpdesk ticket merging function has been improved to give the user more power over what happens in the merge.

The admin user will be able to select what happens in the merge, such as to whom the merged ticket should be assigned to and which ticket should be kept as the merged ticket.

The improved ticket merging functionality is available from v1.21.08

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Added Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication has been added in version 1.21.10

With regards to compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (4 of 2013), DataTill can be setup in such a way to prevent personal information from being lost, changed or stolen.

The identity of admin staff using DataTill can be ensured using two-factor authentication, controlling who has access to customer information on the system.

The customer portal does not have two factor authentication.

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How To Add Labels To List Views

How to add labels to list views

Labels can be added to the following list views to make it easier to filter or search for records:

    • Billing
    • Customers
    • Devices
    • Feature Requests
    • Helpdesk Tickets
    • Radius Users

Labels for list views has been added in version 1.21.10.

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Changes To Helpdesk Ticket Default List View

Changes to helpdesk ticket default list view includes:

  1. There is a user filter on helpdesk ticket list view which remembers the last user selected. The default user is “All Users”, but once support staff chooses his/her username in the dropdown the system will remember the choice.
  2. All users will see unassigned tickets (tickets not owned and not assigned to anyone) as well, otherwise no one will ever see those tickets.
  3. On the Helpdesk ticket list a hidden customer address field was added, so that it is possible to search by address.
  4. Added a date range filter to the helpdesk ticket list. The default date range is the last 12 months

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How To Follow Helpdesk Tickets

You will automatically get notifications if you are subscribed to “Helpdesk Notifications” in your user’s account settings.

Helpdesk notifications includes: when you are assigned to a helpdesk ticket and when the ticket gets updated.


To get update notifications even when you are not assigned to a ticket, you can follow a ticket.

Following tickets also helps if you want to quickly find a ticket in your ticket list.

The helpdesk ticket follower feature has been added in v1.21.09.

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Custom Parameters To Sales Application Form

We have added the ability to pre-fill the fields available on the <your_instance>/sales/apply form.

Please note this only works if you have the Sales Leads module activated on your instance.

This feature is only available on DataTill version v1.21.09 onwards.

The idea is that should you have a website (eg. wordpress) with an application form, you can pre-populate the datatill form by supplying parameters below.
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DataTill To Exhibit At MUM

DataTill will be exhibiting at this year’s MUM (Mikrotik User Event) event in Cape Town.

Like our page and share this post to stand a chance to receive a free voucher.


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Quote Search Screen Updated

The quote search screen will allow you to search for quotes easier. You can view and download the quote from the search screen.

You will also be able to open the related sales lead, ticket and customer for each quote.

The quote screen has been updated in v1.21.00.

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New Lead Search Screen Added

You will now be able to search across all lead statuses in the workflow and will be able to search for closed leads on one screen.

This screen is available from v1.21.04.

Go to Sales –> Lead Search

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Monitoring Of Network Device Interface Changes

DataTill now monitors and reports on Network Device interface changes.

[This change is in affect from v.1.21.01]

A new cron job called “scan_devices” runs on a fast interval of every 5 minutes. This cron job is written exclusively in perl so as to be fast & lightweight, and does not call any PHP code. It scans all network devices via snmp or Mikrotik API to read the current status of the attached ethernet & vlan interfaces.

Network interface change detection:

When it detects a network interface change of mtu, sync speed, running state or interface name it generates a notification which will be sent to all admin users subscribed to the new “Network Devices Interface Changes” notification. These notifications can be delivered via email, sms or push message (slack).

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Added Related Ticket Widget To Ticket Screen

To help with context on helpdesk tickets, a new “Other Tickets” widget has been added on the right side bar of tickets when you open them.

The Other Tickets widget will show all tickets for the same customer that the current selected ticket is for.

other ticket widget

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Support For SFTP Backups Added

Support for SFTP system backups have been added.

Go to Setup –> System Settings –> System Backups

Scroll down to FTP Settings and you will be able to choose between SFTP and FTP as the FTP Method.


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Set Up Customer Notes To Pop Up Automatically

Customer notes can be set up to pop up automatically each time the Edit Customer screen is opened up.

The auto popup customer note will look similar to this example. It will show at the top right of the Edit Customer screen.

customer note auto popup

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Customer Ratings Added On Helpdesk Ticket Closure

Customer ratings can be sent out in 4 ways:

  1. On completing a job card in lead to receipt. (This needs to be enabled in sales setup.)
  2. On closing a helpdesk ticket. (This needs to be enabled in helpdesk settings.)
  3. Customer can add a service rating at any time from their customer portal. (This can be enabled in sales setup.)
  4. An admin user of the system can request a service rating from a customer from the Edit Customer screen.

This post only looks at service ratings sent out on closure of helpdesk tickets.

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How To Use Categories As Debtor Note Templates

Debtors notes can be added to show on the Edit Customer (Customer Profile) screen. A new feature has been added to manage these debtor note templates as categories in the Categories screen.

Debtor notes can also be set to pop up automatically on the Edit Customer screen when there is one or more auto popup notes on the selected customer. The note will then pop up each time the Edit Customer screen is opened.

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New Help Menu For User Guides

A help menu with URLs to the guides/user manuals has been added to DataTill.

Look for the new “help” icon in the main menu. This is the help menu and will take you to online guides on the website.

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IP Pools Now Supported Inside DataTill

IP Pools is now supported inside DataTill.

Radius IP Pools can be added on DataTill and no longer has to be set up on NAS’s. This means that IP Pools only has to be set up once and DataTill will recognize it globally instead of configuring it one by one on your NAS’s. IP Pools that has been set up on NAS’s will still be recognized by DataTill if the NAS exists in DataTill’s NAS List.

Read the full guide here:

DataTill IP Pools Guide

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Google Places Autocomplete On Address Searches

Enable Google Places autocomplete on addresses on your system for faster and more accurate address searches on your DataTill system.

You will need to add a Google Places API key for this address search function to work. The default that Google provides is a 1000 free requests per day, where each keystroke counts as a request.


Default “Submit a Sales Lead” screen:

The default address fields does not have an address search field included as you need the Google Places API key to search, but these address fields and maps still uses Google Maps.

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